Vivid Studio Insider for July 19, 2013

 VARONE SAYS SWINGING IS EVERYWHERE THESE DAYS – The swinger lifestyle is growing rapidly. So says rocker Phil Varone in an interview with’s reporter Jesse Capps who talked with Phil about 100% Real Swingers: Meet The Rileys, which was released this week on and will be in stores July 30th.  Asked why he thinks his swinging movies with Vivid have become so popular, Phil replied:  “I think curiosity is definitely one reason, however I’m finding from shooting the 100% Real Swinger Series and meeting the newest swingers as well as people who are not in the lifestyle, it’s apparent that swinging has come to the forefront more then ever.” He says reality TV is one reason alternative lifestyles are now more accepted by society in general.  Phil adds: “The greatest shoots have been the non-traditional cities. I recently returned from Kentucky and had the time of my life. Young, open minded, fun people who love to swing and want to make sure that anyone watching knows they do. I’m specifically looking for those locations from this point forward. Future shoots I have scheduled are New Orleans, Arizona and I’m snooping around Indiana as well.”  Phil also says that all of the actors in his movies are amateur volunteers: “It’s very word of mouth. As far as the shoot itself, the only rules are respecting the swinger lifestyle and the rules each couple make regarding their stages of swinging and use of condoms. The reason why I use condoms for my shoots is we use them in real life when we swing and it’s important that people understand how serious we take our lifestyle. When I’m asked how does it feel to shoot porn, I always say, I don’t shoot porn, I document my life for the world to see and I’m very grateful for this opportunity to do so.” In addition to his work with Vivid, Phil adds, “Most recently, my first book (Unphiltered) was released through Riverdale Avenue Books and is available everywhere. That’s right; I’m a published author too. His next goal: to win an AVN Award. 

 MAN OF STEEL XXX GETS 5 STARS FROM NIGHT MOVIES –, the popular Florida entertainment magazine, has reviewed Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody and named it the Friday Five Star feature. Editor Art Koch says of the movie:  “Now the master of the superhero parody, Axel Braun, brings his adult version (of the mainstream blockbuster) to the screen with the Man of Steel XXX. Be prepared to be mesmerized with this all out, extraordinarily done parody. Steven Hirsch the CEO of Vivid has said, ‘Axel seems to always outdo himself.’ and I could not agree more when it comes to this latest parody. Braun has pulled out all the stops on this one and created a film that not only has pot boiling sex scenes, but edge of your seat drama, excitement, action and a surprise or two along the way, that superhero fans will love seeing.”  After recapping his impressions of the movie scene by scene, Koch concludes:  “the attention to every small detail is perfection. The costuming, makeup and music are spot on in every way. The sets, the re-creation of Krypton is beautifully done and all of the other backgrounds, air shots of Metropolis (actually New York City) and the cinematography are executed in full mainstream style. The sex is well paced creating plenty of steam. The performances are outstanding…Axel Braun will be adding more awards to his mantle. Superman fan or not, I very, very highly recommend getting hold of the Man of Steel XXX. It will keep you entertained from beginning to end.NightMoves is also running a promotional contest and awarding DVD copies of the movie to winners.DISCLAIMER: ‘MAN OF STEEL XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY’ IS A PARODY MOVIE. This movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with any entity owning the rights to the characters parodied therein or the work being parodied.