Vivid Studio Insider For July 12, 2013

 TOPLESS ROBOT LOVES KIM KANE – The loves Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman. Next to a large photo of Kimberly in her costume for the upcoming Vivid XXX parody,  Luke Thompson writes: “This is Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman, from a forthcoming Axel Braun movie. A porn parody version of DC's top female superhero, who still has yet to get a big-budget film of her own. Now, we can be honest and say that nobody expects Kane to have Helen Mirren-level thespian skills - but would you or would you not pay to see someone who looked like that flying an invisible jet, facing down the god of war and lassoing bad a movie without penetration? Oh no. If DC does anything, it'll be a TV show in which she doesn't wear a costume anything like the one she's known for. Meanwhile, a pornographer's expensive fan fiction nabs all the horny nerd dollars.”  DISCLAIMER: WONDER-WOMAN XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY IS A PARODY MOVIE. All characters and related materials are trademarks, copyrights and/or registered trademarks of their respective license holders and/or owners.  The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with DC Comics or their partners, affiliates or any other company owning the trademarks of characters seen therein. 

 WEBSITES CELEBRATE MAN OF STEEL XXX WITH PROMOS – Numerous websites are taking part in a week-long promotion for the Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. launched its promo with a trailer from the movie and the comment: “In keeping with porn parodies of all things pop culture, the good people at Vivid and award-winning director Axel Braun have put together this pretty big budget, awesome storyline porn version of Man of Steel , with the appropriately titled Man of Steel XXX.” said its promo was “in celebration of the release” of the movie and in addition to giving away five DVD copies in a contest, it also offered winners poster (pictured here) signed by Axel Braun. Other promos are being offered by sites including and, next week,   DISCLAIMER: ‘MAN OF STEEL XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY’ IS A PARODY MOVIE. This movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with any entity owning the rights to the characters parodied therein or the work being parodied.

 PEREZ HILTON ON FARRAH’S PUBLICITY – Gossip maven Perez Hilton writes this week about Farrah Abraham and expresses his admiration for her talents at staying in the news.  The headline on his story reads: “Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's 'Private' Sex Tape Is STILL Getting Publicized!!!”  He then writes: “We'll give her this - when this girl commits, she goes all in! Since word got out that a sex tape of Farrah Abraham was being released - the Teen Mom has been adamant that she only filmed herself and a porn star for private use. She never meant for it to be released to the public!  But once the tape was released, Farrah embraced her naked and lustful ways! And months later - the tape is still garnering publicity!”  Perez notes that she has tweeted that she’ll be appearing next week at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Charlotte, with a promotional flyer that features an image from the cover of her Vivid-distributed movie. Perez adds, with tongue firmly in cheek ”We're sure, wherever Farrah is, she's shocked her filmed romp is still getting publicized. Don't worry, Farrah! The hype's sure to die out someday, and then you can be a normal person just like you've always wanted!”