Vivid Studio Insider for June 21st 2013

  MONIQUE FEATURED IN HYSTERICAL SEGMENT ON OWN – Former Vivid contract actress Monique Alexander was featured in a very funny segment on the “Golden Sisters” show from the Ophrah Winfrey Network (OWN).  Two of the sisters are asked to help interview clients for a position at their sister Terry’s office and among them is Monique.  “Mary and Josie are in for an earful when Josie asks for a few details having to do with the ins and outs of making porn.”  At one point Monique is asked what she won’t do in a porn scene.  Most of her explicit answer is bleeped, but the audience gets the picture and Josie’s response is, “You ask a stupid question, you get a disgusting answer.” Monique replies, “There are other girls out there that have done much, much dirtier things than I.”    In the end, Monique does well in her interview and Josie ends the segment by saying, “I think there’s a possibility here…I think there’s a possibility my sister will hire her.” 

 VICE INTERVIEW WITH FARRAH – In an interview headlined “A Quicky with Farrah Abraham and Chris Nieratko” reporter Nieratko admits to being a hoarder of celebrity sex tapes, including Abraham’s. “There is still one thing I can’t help but stockpile: celebrity sex tapes. I’ve got them all. From the original sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, to Paris Hilton’s night vision f*ck, to the only worthwhile thing Kim Kardashian has ever done in her entire existence… I found a new favorite celebrity sex star: TV’s Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham. Prior to this tape I’d never heard of her, but she is hands down the best person to ever do a celebrity sex tape. Her body is flawless. She goes straight for butt sex. She squirts. She masturbates in the back of a limousine. The male talent, James Deen, is an actual porn star and so the cinematography is top-notch porn quality; the best we’ve ever seen in a celebrity sex tape. Is it an actual personal sex tape or just a straight up porno made for resale? Who cares? She takes it in the can with a zeal that even most seasoned porn stars don’t exude on screen.”  He also notes that “Most of the ‘celebrities’ who make these tapes shun the porn industry. They’re happy to get the sexposure and capital gains of being in porn, but they pretend like they’re not in a porno. Farrah Abraham, on the other hand, is embracing the porn industry, going so far as to make a signing appearance at the Vivid Booth at the recent Exxxotica Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So I flew down to get some face time with Farrah and try to get her to give me a PSA on the PMA of anal.”  The full interview here 

 THE FIVE BEST XXX SUPERHERO PARODIES – Phoenix New-Times writer Benjamin Leatherman is in with his choices for the five best superhero parodies of all time, with Vivid and Axel Braun nailing three of the spots.  Leatherman writes in his Jackalope Ranch blog: “Whenever a new comic book movie hits theaters, two things are pretty certain -- it will rake in an effload of cash (Green Lantern notwithstanding) and porn producers somewhere will have an utterly explicit parody of the flick out in short order. Case in point: the latest Superman cinematic adventure Man of Steel makes its silver screen debut today, and the infamous Vivid Entertainment will drop its salacious send-up of the reboot next week. Like the major Hollywood studios, such skin flick companies as Vivid and its competitors have been making a mint over the past couple years or so cashing in on satirizing comic book heroes and villains that make the transition to the big screen.”  Benjamin then lists his favorites:  No. 1 is She Hulk XXX; No. 2 Superman vs Spider-Man XXX; No. 5 is The Avengers XXX.  

 HEADLINES OVER VIVID ROLE IN JOE FRANCIS SEX TAPE – TMZ reported this week on the role of Vivid’s Steven Hirsch in keeping a sex tape off the market. The headline read: “Joe Francis' GF to Vivid Honcho: Thanks for Keeping  My Hoo Ha Under Wraps .”  In an exclusive story that was quickly picked up by hundreds of other websites and newspapers such as The New York Post, wrote: “Joe Francis and his hot blonde GF can't thank Steve Hirsch enough for snatching their sex tape off the market -- in fact, Joe's GF has even sent the Vivid honcho a thank-you letter, gushing about how Steve kept her private parts ... private.” The letter from Abbey Wilson read in part: “Joe has always said what a stand up guy you are in business and what a great friend you are. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Joe and I out in this unfortunate situation.”  TMZ commented, “As we reported, a sex tape featuring Wilson and the "Girls Gone Wild" honcho was being shopped to various media outlets..When the person selling the tape went to Vivid, Hirsch did Francis a solid and purchased it (for an unknown sum). He then returned the footage to Francis and promised never to release it. It was an especially big deal for Abbey and Francis ... because neither has ever appeared naked on the Internet (shocking, we know). Now that's what (porn) friends are for.”