Vivid Insider for June 14, 2013

 FARRAH NEWS KEEPS ON CHURNING – There is very little Farrah Abraham does these days that doesn’t make news. She got a second boob job, and InTouchmagazine covered it, complete with a picture of her on the operating table and a headline noting that she “Upgrades to D-Cup.”  The story began: “Only two months ago, Farrah Abraham couldn't stop talking about how hot she looked in her new porn video, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. But clearly not great enough. In Touch can exclusively reveal that on May 31, just three days after she turned 22 (the FDA’s minimum age for a woman to get silicone breast implants), Farrah went under the knife again. Her fourth surgery in less than three years and her second boob job, Farrah explains to In Touch, on newsstands now, why she chose to replace her saline implants with silicone ones and jump from a C-cup to a D-cup … (at a cost of) nearly $30,000 for a nose job, a chin implant and the two boob jobs, coughing up $7,145 for her newest addition, done by Dr. David Finkle in Omaha, Neb.” 

 TMZ also had news of Farrah this week. One story was headlined: “Teen mom takes front door into business school” and noted that she has enrolled in Pace University, studying business online. Another story focused on her Vivid video earnings and her apparent crush on Charlie Sheen. The headline read: “Farrah Abraham I'M A  MILLIONAIRE.”  TMZ said it was reporting exclusively that “Farrah Abraham has back-door'd her way into the 7-figure range ... 'cause the former MTV star tells TMZ she's a bona fide millionaire. The 22-year-old just called in to ‘TMZ Live’ to discuss her crush on Charlie Sheen ... when we asked her straight up if her foray into the world of adult entertainment has turned her into a millionaire. But Farrah's swollen bank account isn't just from the sex tape -- we broke the story, she scored in the high 6-figures when she sold her sex tape to Vivid Entertainment. But she's also locking down endorsement deals ... and collecting checks for public appearances. Bottom line ... the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Playbook sure as hell worked for Farrah.” 
The Sheen “scoop” was picked up widely. An Examiner story by Tiffany Bailey began: Since the deal Farrah Abraham signed with Vivid Entertainment was publicized, she has been all over the news. Spectators have watched as her bikini went up for sale on Ebay, and there have been rumors of a possible reality show in the works. The latest on Miss Abraham has fans from two worlds leaving their jaws on the floor. According to an article published June 13 by TMZ, Farrah Abraham is hot on the pursuit of Charlie Sheen.”  
Other Farrah news this week focused on the decision of PornHub to hold a Farrah contest, with the winning prize being the unwashed bikini she wore (and took off) in Backdoor Teen Mom. That story was covered by many websites and other media, from The New York Daily News, to, to Zee News in India. 

 ALL ABOUT ALLIE  “HAS IT ALL” – XCRITIC – reaffirms its fascination with Allie Haze, and particularly her latest Vivid movie, All About Allie. reports,  “We've been long time fans of Allie Haze, she's the perfect mix of girl next door and sex vixen. How could we not be excited to see that Vivid is releasing a flick that is completely dedicated to Allie Haze!!!All About Allie has it all: Allie with a f*cking machine, in a threesome, girl/girl, interracial and just plain hot f*cking. The trailer for All About Allie looks fantastic (and so does Allie). We simply couldn't be more excited and that's why we've picked All About Allie as this week's Clip of the Week.Watch the trailer for All About Allie and then go ahead and watch the entire thing online at”

FORBES TAKES NOTE OF VIVID CABARET – writer Susannah Breslin has reported on the Vivid gentlemen’s clubs initiatives. She writes: “Now that (Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, the Universal Studios of adult movies) has distributed porn across America through videos, DVD, and the internet, he’s licensed the Vivid name to Rick’s Cabaret International (RICK), a Houston, Texas-based company that operates dozens of gentlemen’s clubs across the country and is one of the rare adult companies that’s publicly traded and listed on NASDAQ. Two Vivid Cabaret strip clubs (‘The cabaret stands for higher-end properties,’ Hirsch notes) will open this year — one in Los Angeles, slated to open in June not far from LAX, and one in New York City, slated to open by the end of the year in Midtown Manhattan.” Hirsch’s comeback plan (from the proliferation of ‘free” porn on the internet) is more like a world takeover, as he sees it. The cabarets are part of a larger effort being staged by Vivid to increase revenue. In addition to and adult movies, there’s VividTV, VividTouch, Vivid Cams, and the upcoming VividRadio, all of which Hirsch intends to promote in the bi-coastal strip clubs. So far, the company has licensed its name to condoms and vodka. ‘We’re always looking to expand our brand,’ Hirsch purrs. As far as consumers, he adds, strip clubs and adult movies share ‘a very similar demographic.’  The clubs will be staging adult movie auditions, as well. Who knows, you may be the next big thing.”