Vivid Studio Insider For June 7, 2013

 FARRAH MAKES NEWS, BOOSTS SALES – Farrah Abraham continues to make news and whenever she does, she seems to sell more DVDs and downloads of Farrah “Teen Mom” Superstar. reported that she agreed to plead guilty to aggravated DUI later this month, in exchange for probation instead of jail. TMZ reported that the judge in the case accepted the plea, then banned her from drinking for six months.  Farrah was arrested and given a DUI in March and originally pled non guilty. She was also in the news when she attended the Exxxotica Expo in Fort Lauderdale. The New York Daily News reported that she celebrated her 22nd birthday at the convention, and the London Daily Mail reported she posed for pictures with porn stars “while demurely donning a pearl necklace and a black high-low dress.”  Farrah also made news with TMZ with a headline that read: Farrah Abraham: I'm Going Back to School! (Well, Online At Least).  The TMZ report said, “Farrah Abraham has already used the Internet to peddle her porn video, but now TMZ has learned she's using the web for something productive ... to get a college degree. Farrah has enrolled in Pace University (online) and is entering their Lubin School of Business in order to get a BBA in Business Studies. We're told the ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ star is concentrating in  Accounting and Internal Auditing (we thought she was more into external). Farrah tells TMZ she hopes to put the degree to good use ... she has plans to open a restaurant in the near future. She tells us, ‘I'm going back to further my education. It helps my future in terms of my business goals and secures a better future for my daughter.’"

 COMICS101.COM SENDS AXEL BRAUN A LOVE LETTER --  In his article “Speaking Mandarin” for Comics 101, editor Scott Tipton discusses the evolution of the Mandarin character portrayed recently in the summer blockbuster movie “Iron Man 3.” Tipton believes Axel Braun’s Mandarin adaptation in the adult movie “Iron Man XXX” from Vivid Entertainment comes the closest to the comic book. “After being ever so lightly hinted at in the first Iron Man film (with the cleverly named ‘Ten Rings’ terrorist organization, a reference to the comic-book Mandarin’s ‘magic rings,’ the source of his powers), nearly everyone had expected the Mandarin to be the Big Bad in an Iron Man film sooner or later, and with the casting of Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin here in Iron Man 3, it looked as though that’s what we were getting. But although everyone expected the Mandarin…the Mandarin wasn’t really the Mandarin, instead just being a puppet for the world media…”  After reviewing other interpretations of the character, Tipton says “Ironically, for the closest adaptation of the comic-book Mandarin, you’d have to go to porn director Axel Braun, whose willingness to recreate comics costumes and story lines in his line of best-selling ‘porn parodies’ is firmly established.  However you may feel about porn, there’s no denying Braun’s geek cred. Take a look at Derrick Pierce as the Mandarin in Braun’s newest release from Vivid, ‘Iron Man XXX.’”  In response, Axel says, “As a die-hard comic geek since childhood, I always strive to bring characters to life the way I envisioned them as a kid. The Mandarin is such an iconic, over-the-top, anachronistic villain that I simply could not imagine him without his scaled helmet and his rings.”

Disclaimer:  "Iron Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody" is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Marvel Characters, Inc. or any person or entity affiliated with it.

 E.T.H.S ANNIVERSARY SPARKS NEW INTEREST IN KIM’S STORY – The original E! True Hollywood Story episode that told the story of the Kim Kardashian Superstar Vivid sex tape aired on June 4, 2009, and it is getting lots of replay this month. ETHS episode #500 has been rebroadcast many times since it first appeared and Kim fans can’t seem to get enough of it. This week is no exception, and fans are watching the story that tells in detail how Vivid wound up distributing the tape that played a big role in making her famous.