Vivid Studio Insider For April 5, 2013

HIRSCH, HAZE AND JEREMY CONNECT WITH USC SCHOOL OF CINEMATIC ARTS -- The University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts held a panel discussion/Q&A on the adult film industry Thursday April 4th on the USC campus. Participating were Vivid Entertainment founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch, award-winning actress Allie Haze and legendary porn actor Ron Jeremy. From all accounts the evening was a total success.  Student Alex Ago, one of the organizers of the panel discussion, said the event “was truly exceptional - easily one of the highlights of our year. The dynamic between Ron, Steven and Allie was perfect, and they all brought incredible insight and charm to the discussion. We had a completely packed house, including many people standing in the back, plus plenty of coverage from photographers and our Trojan Vision videography team.” Another organizer, Mike Dillon, said the panelists were “welcome back anytime.”  The panel focused on topics ranging from cultural attitudes toward sexual representations, business practices of the adult industry, legal issues such as Measure B, and the myths vs. realities of the adult industry. Footage from Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody was shown.

VIVID TO HAVE A 2ND GENTLEMEN’S CLUB -- Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. (NASDAQ:RICK), the publicly traded group of gentlemen’s clubs, will call its new Los Angeles County club ‘Vivid Cabaret’ under a license from Vivid Entertainment. It is the second licensing agreement between the two companies and follows a decision last month to use the ‘Vivid Cabaret’ brand on a new gentlemen’s club set to open on 37th Street in Midtown New York City in the fall.   The Los Angeles club is expected to open in June. It is located near the confluence of several major Los Angeles area freeways but the exact location has not yet been announced.  A subsidiary of Rick’s Cabaret owns the 12,000 square foot club. Said Steven Hirsch: “Our agreements with Rick’s Cabaret are much more than just licensing the Vivid brand. The cabarets will be Vivid outposts and share our look and feel, with Vivid Girls dancing and making special appearances, previewing new movies, holding auditions and much more. We’ll promote the clubs on VividTV, to our huge email list of Vivid fans as well as on our world-famous website, on our DVDs, and at Vivid parties and events. We look forward to working with Rick’s to maximize the marketing opportunities presented by branding the new cabarets in NYC and L.A. County.  The fan feedback from the cabaret initiative has been tremendous.”

AWE FOR PIX OF KIMBERLY KANE IN WONDER WOMAN XXX COSTUME A single photo showing adult actress Kimberly Kane wearing her sexy costume for the upcoming “Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody” movie has created an internet storm – most of it extolling the beauty of her and her attire.  Kane will wear the sleek tri-colored one-piece outfit in the Vivid parody movie directed by Braun. Says Axel in a widely reprinted press release: “Looks like we’ve officially set the internet on fire. And it all comes from just ONE picture. Well, that and me designing an awesome costume for a gorgeous lady.”  The picture premiered exclusively on Harry Knowles’ über-geek mainstream website with the headline: “Axel Braun looks to taunt David E Kelley with his WONDER WOMAN.”  The headline on the article read: “picture of Kimberly Kane in Wonder Woman XXX costume ignites firestorm of awe.”

And Rob Bricken of asked and answered in a headline reading: “Who has the best live-action Wonder Woman outfit? The Wonder Woman porn parody, obviously.” Popular website WWTDD (What Would Tyler Burden Do?) commented: “The first thought I had when I saw this picture, (OK, second thought), was, ‘Wow…that costume looks really good. Like, better than Hollywood good.’ The porn parody’s production values are waaaaayyyyy better. Mind you, this is for a porn movie where she probably won’t be wearing it for long. So, we now know what we’ve always known. Porn is better than stuff that isn’t porn.” Axel says he will provide additional photos of characters in the movie and a trailer prior to its release.

DISCLAIMER: WONDER-WOMAN XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY IS A PARODY MOVIE. All characters and related materials are trademarks, copyrights and/or registered trademarks of their respective license holders and/or owners.  The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with DC Comics or their partners, affiliates or any other company owning the trademarks of characters seen therein.

KIMBERLY KANE’S ORGY UNIVERSITY RELEASED --   Vivid has released Orgawy University directed by Kimberly Kane  online at It will be in stores nationwide on April 9th. Kimberly, the award-winning director/actress/photographer, calls her movie “hilarious, campy, mean, evil, highly sexual and really fun.”  It tells the story of the strange and distorted world of a college student named Carrie, possessed with bizarre powers.  No one likes Carrie who lives in a creepy house with her weird mother and perverted stepfather.  During the week of a big on-campus dance and everyone is pairing up for the night -- even Carrie, who’s been the butt of jokes and bullying by the mean coeds. But this night she’s got a date with the most popular boy at the college and she’ll be queen of the dance. For everyone else, the evening becomes an erotic experience beyond comprehension. Says Kimberly, “I definitely went over to the dark side for this movie,” says Kane. “It was an exciting experience for me, as the movie is a volatile mix of sexual tension with fear-induced tension. I think the way I staged the bucket scene is truly memorable. Vivid fans should be thrilled with the performance of Sarah Shevon as Carrie.  As far as I’m concerned, she was a goddess.”

DISCLAIMER: This movie is not affiliated with or endorsed by the producers, directors, distributors or writers of the 1976 American supernatural horror film Carrie, the author or publisher of the 1974 novel Carrie or the producers, distributors or writers of any remake of the film Carrie or any person or entity associated with any of them.

PHIL VARONE’S 100% REAL SWINGERS: BIG BEAR IS ONLINE -- Vivid released 100% Real Swingers: Big Bear online at It will be in stores nationwide on April 16th. The movie stars Phil Varone, former Saigon Kick and Skid Row drummer who was also featured on VH1’s Celebrity Sex Rehab. Varone has been a swinger himself for over 20 years and is currently touring the country performing in a Saigon Kick reunion and to promote his tell-all memoir “Unphiltered:  Real Life On and Off the Rock ‘N Roll Tour Bus,” to be published April 17th by Riverdale Avenue Books.  100% Real Swingers: Big Bear is the latest movie in Phil’s exclusive Swinging Series for Vivid. In it, he and his swinger friends head to the beautiful San Bernardino mountains aboard an RV, taking viewers behind the scenes to meet members of a secretive community that seem to have non-stop decadent sex. The cast is made up of real couples, not actors, at real locations. A hand held camera captures the wild erotic adventures inside the RV and at their destination cabin. Says Phil: “The sex was definitely raw, but this may be our funniest swingers movie so far. We all know there’s lots of swinging going on across the country, but it’s usually behind closed doors in private homes.  This series opens those doors. If you think texting and driving can be difficult, just imagine the craziness of having sex on camera in an RV heading for Big Bear.”