Vivid Studio Insider For March 22, 2013

VIVID LICENSES ITS NAME FOR NEW GENTLEMEN’S CLUB IN NYC – Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc., the premier publicly traded group of gentlemen’s clubs, has obtained a license from Vivid Entertainment to use Vivid Cabaret as the name for its new midtown Manhattan strip club. The agreement marks the first time Rick’s Cabaret has licensed a third party brand name and the first time Vivid has licensed its name for a gentlemen’s club. The Manhattan cabaret is located at 61 West 37th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in New York City’s fashion district. It’s near Bryant Park, Fifth Avenue shopping, numerous leading hotels, and is an easy walk from Times Square. The building is now being remodeled and the club is expected to open in October. In a press release, Eric Langan, President and CEO of Rick’s Cabaret, said: “Vivid is by far the finest adult company and has great brand-name awareness. Using the Vivid name fits perfectly with our ‘cabaret concept,’ which features a little trendier music and feels as much like a nightclub as a strip club in terms energy level. The New York City club will be a perfect complement to our flagship Rick’s Cabaret just four blocks away, and we’ll be able to cross-promote seamlessly.” Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch said:  “We’ve worked with Rick’s Cabaret for several years on various promotions but licensing our name certainly takes the relationship to a dramatic new level.  We want to work with only elite gentlemen’s clubs and Rick’s certainly meets that test. We could not be more excited to work with their team. We'll be able to promote Vivid Cabaret on VividTV, which will reach over 40-million households by the time the club opens this Fall. Vivid performers will make appearances at the club and we'll also hold movie auditions there. Our fans will love Vivid Cabaret."

STEVEN HIRSCH FEATURED ON FOX BUSINESS NETWORK – Vivid founder and co-chair Steven Hirsch was featured last week on the Fox Business Network “After the Bell” program in a segment called “The Business of Vice.”  Reporter Liz Claman interviewed Steven in Los Angeles, noting as she began that Vivid has “always been known for your very high quality entertainment.”   Steven commented that the adult “industry has changed, no question about it, but you have to be nimble and willing to change. Our revenue now comes from the internet, TV, licensing – it’s not like it was some years ago when 70% of the revenue came from DVDs…We have to take advantage of every opportunity.  We are interested in continuing to further our internet business; we’ve launched VividTV and it’s going great, not only domestically but worldwide; we have a licensing business and many other opportunities.” He noted that all Vivid movies “will now be available only on VividTV. But we are developing Vivid Everywhere … You need to be able to access Vivid content on any device at any time, whether you watching on TV, your laptop or on your phone.”  Asked by Claman why Vivid doesn’t go public, Steven replied, “We like to control our own destiny. We’re self-funded, we’ve been doing it for 30 years, and I like the way it’s going.”  He added that the company is now doing gentlemen’s clubs and is getting ready to launch Vivid Radio. 

CLERKS XXX GETS HIGH PRAISE FROM AVN – Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody won high honors from AVN this month, getting the coveted Editor’s Choice nod and four and a half stars.  Allie Haze and Lexi Swallow “are the ones who really make this thing work,” writes Sherri Shaulis. She adds, “We realize that even with the success of porn parodies in recent years the movies still come down to the sex scenes, but Clerks XXX seems to avoid feeling like a cliché or something thrown together just to capitalize on the trend. It delivers like it’s a labor of love for many involved, and really sets itself apart from much of the crowd.” 
Disclaimer: “Clerks XXX:  A Porn Parody” IS A PARODY MOVIE.  This parody is not sponsored, endorsed by, or approved by Kevin Smith or Miramax Pictures or any person or entity associated with any of them.