Vivid Studio Insider For March 8, 2013

AVN PRAISE FOR TRISTAN’S EJACULATION GUIDE – In a new AVN review, Iris Blocks gives a four A rating to the latest Tristan Taormino movie – her Expert Guide to Female Ejaculation.  Says Blocks:”After watching Tristan Taormino’s lucid, comprehensive presentation on the anatomical basics of G-spot stimulation and female ejaculation, most viewers will be eager beavers, so to speak, to try out the many tips, tricks and toys that she shares.” The review points out that Tristan “anticipates that not every student who hears her lecture is guaranteed to perform like a porn star…But those who can’t do can watch, and Taormino offers four demonstrations for our viewing pleasure. The chemistry is great in each scene, with plenty of time for chatter from both the women and the men.”

ORANGE COUNTY IS “AMERICA’S PORN PARADISE” – According to a story in Orange County Weekly, the county just south of L.A. is “America’s Porn Paradise” and several of the adult industry folks living there have Vivid connections.  OCW mentions Janine Lindemuller, Savannah and Jenna Jameson.  Of Jenna, OCW writes: “More than any other female star, Jameson's enduring legacy is her mainstreaming of hardcore porn, making it not a shameful, renegade thrill, but a long-term career move that could generate a fortune.”  Also noted in the article was the late Savannah. “Arguably the first superstar porn goddess of the 1990s, Savannah was known for D-cup artillery shells; full, pouty lips; crystal-blue eyes; pin-straight, platinum hair, always worn with bangs—and an unfortunate bad-luck streak that eventually claimed her life,” the magazine reported. 

NEW PHIL VARONE BOOK NEARS PUBLISHING DATE – Phil Varone is on fire, with a new book coming out this month, another Vivid movie about swingers scheduled for release in early April, and an upcoming music tour.  His book Unphiltered:  Real Life On and Off the Rock ’n Roll Tour Bus will be published on March 19th by Riverdale Avenue Press.  The e-book and trade paperback will be available through, and other online venues. Varone shares his thoughts on everything from what it’s really like to be a rock star on a bus for weeks on end to the man-band bonding rituals and endless groupies.  Phil is also busy these days shaping up a reunion tour with Saigon Kick – 22 years after the group broke up.  As it stands now, the tour will open in Tampa on March 22nd at the State Theater, move to Las Vegas on March 29th at Vamp'd, to Los Angeles on March 30th at Viper Room and wind up in New York City on April 11th at Webster Hall.