Vivid Studio Insider For March 1, 2013

 KIM’S MASTER TAPE ALMOST A FIRE VICTIM – A dramatic fire broke out last weekend on the roof of the Vivid building in Los Angeles. The fire was quickly extinguished, and much of the media quickly covered the story, many with quips and wordplay puns, mostly involving the word “hot.”  But TMZ may have gotten the best story of all, which it published with the headline: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Master Almost Perishes in Fire! The exclusive report: “Oh the humanity!  The unedited master of Kim Kardashian's sex tape -- Kim K Superstar -- almost burned up over the weekend in a raging fire at Vivid Entertainment ... TMZ has learned. The master -- think of it as the Mona Lisa of sex tapes -- was secured in a safe inside Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch's office.  When the blaze erupted Saturday night ... Hirsch was miles away at an L.A. Clippers game. Hirsch got the 911 call and bailed immediately, because the safe not only contains Kim's tape but every unedited master of every celebrity sex tape in Vivid's stable, including the ones starring Kendra Wilkinson, Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Vince Neil, Tom Sizemore, and Chyna. Also in the vault -- several celebrity sex tapes that have never seen the light of day. Fear not ... because Hirsch made it just in the nick of time.  The safe was singed but the contents were intact. Like the Sistine Chapel ... Kim K Superstar lives on.”

 ITEM ON VIVID’S INTEREST IN SNOOKI’S DREAM PORN TAKES OFF – carried an item on Vivid’s interest in wanting to help Snooki follow her dream of doing a porn film with Ben Affleck. Within moments, websites around the world picked up on the item, with re-posts appearing on sites from to OMFGLOL News to Celebuzz said: “Following her dream revelation about the Oscar winning Argo director to Celebuzz, men around the world have rejoiced. Including Steven Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment, the company behind the action flicks of a cavalcade of Hollywood stars such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson. ‘Steven read your item about Snooki wanting to do a porno with Ben Affleck directing and he is definitely interested in talking to her about making a deal,” a spokesperson for Vivid told us. ‘He said that even if Affleck doesn’t want to or cannot direct her, he may consider coming on the set to give her some coaching. He said she would be able to work with a writer who would come up with a storyline… It could be anything from the vampire, romance, comedy or even parody genre — possibly even an Argo XXX. In any case, providing she was serious about wanting to make an adult movie with or without Affleck, he is ready to talk to her. As for how much the MTV reality star could make if she was to live out her dream, Hirsch told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview: ‘It could be from the hundreds of thousands to millions. It would totally depend on how much her fans want to see her having sex.’”

TMZ HAS FUN WITH LINDSAY LOHAN LOOKALIKE STORY – Here’s the headline for another popular story this week: Lindsay Lohan The Porn-alike Casting Call In an exclusive story, TMZ reported: “Lohan has not been reduced to doing porn ... YET ... but luckily for us a few girls who look just like her have ... and they are in the running to spoof LiLo in an upcoming XXX flick. Vivid Entertainment is prepping a porn version of the upcoming Lohan movie The Canyons. And while they have their sights set on James Deen to play the part of himself, they have narrowed the choice of actresses to play Lindsay down to three. The porn's producers even sent an email to the original producers and offered them the opportunity to help make the hard choice, telling them, ‘We'll even send the winner to your offices to thank you personally for choosing her.’ How gracious.”  The story was immediately picked up by other websites, ranging from RoadRunner Features to BlogoWogo to BBBNews.  View the hilarious TMZ video here.

  PHIL VARONE GOES 88 MILES WEST –  Entertainment website 88MilesWest has published an extensive interview with Phil Varone.  It begins: “The man, the myth, the legend — Phil Varone. He’s known for many things including the drummer for many rock bands including Saigon Kick and Skid Row, Phil has become very successful in the adult entertainment industry. After hooking up with Vivid Entertainment for a celebrity sex series titled Phil Varone’s Secret Sex Stash, he’s struck more gold with the Swinging American Style. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, he signed a deal with California Exotic Novelties and has his own line of sex toys.  Phil has also authored a book, Unphiltered: Real Life On and Off the Rock 'n Roll Tour Bus,” which will be released March 19 via in e-book and paperback.”   Of the Swinging series, Phil tells editor Chad Cooper,  “The female stars are the moneymakers. The last thing someone wants to see is some washed up rock star banging groupies. Steven Hirsch and Marci Hirsch are great people and they gave me a chance with the celeb sex tape and it did really good. Steven called me into the office and asked me if I was a swinger. He asked me if I could get real swingers to get on tape and shoot it the way you shoot it, which is very amateur, fly on the wall type shit. Some of the swingers I knew were adult stars then I met a few that weren’t, so I put together the first one and we got a great response plus I had a blast doing it. Now, I am doing one a month.”