Vivid Studio Insider For June 15, 2012

 XCRITIC HIGHLY RECOMMENDS SWINGING AMERICAN STYLE – Xcritic reviewer Apache Warrior gave Phil Varone’s Swinging American Style a Highly Recommended review.  He writes that in the “film and the first installment to this running series by Phil Varone and Vivid Entertainment… the rock star has invited several of his swinger friends over for a sexual game of poker. So, the stakes are high, but mighty pleasurable. Mr. Varone decided to create this series because he wanted the swinging lifestyle…to show the viewer what really happens when a swinger's party occurs.”  He quotes Varone as saying, “I love the non porn look of it. I think porn gets too polished and boring and I just wanted to make something that looks like it would if you filmed your own video at home."   Apache Warrior says he “loved this film. There is plenty of c*cksucking and f*cking action throughout this production. Just when you think this movie is over, there is still more hot sexual action left. Phil Varone is a sex machine and his female friends are super hot. I want to see more of them in this series.  Thank you Phil for a view of this lifestyle.”  Swinging American Style has also attracted attention abroad.  Ravers, the popular U.K. magazine, have scheduled an interview with Varone for an upcoming issue."

 MORE BUZZ FOR DARK KNIGHTXXX – The trailer for Axel Braun’s latest parody, Dark KnightXXX: A Porn Parody continues to generate excitement and interest.—What Guys Need says, “Christopher Nolan wishes he could make a trailer this good. Axel Braun has become one of the most successful directors in the smut industry on the backs of his superhero parodies. Now he’s taking on his most ambitious flick yet, an adult version of the Batman trilogy. The trailer just dropped, and while there’s no hardcore in it – or even a wink of a nipple – it’s still a trailer for a porn flick, so decide if you want to watch it in front of your girlfriend. I guess it depends on how cool she is.”  And Movieweb urges its readers to “Check it out, and then be sure to pick up your own copy when The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody hits your favorite adult book store on July 20th.” Even the snarky site Worst Previews has something good to say about the trailer: “While it doesn't really matter what the story is about, looking at the footage and the photos, it's clear that some effort went into making Bane and the Joker look similar to how they look in Christopher Nolan's films.”  

 CHYNA AS DJ CONTINUES TO FASCINATE – The mainstream blogosphere and gossip sites are intrigued by the stint Chyna did as a DJ at Rick’s Cabaret during a New York City visit recently. devoted a full page of its site to photos of Chyna in the DJ booth. EMMReport said her mentor for the evening was DJ Page, quoting him as saying: “You’ve got to keep the energy level high–there are 100 Rick’s Girls that are taking off their clothes to the music. It needs to be on point, and Chyna does have a good feel for the vibe. Chyna is very talented, she knows her music, and with a little work, she could become a top DJ,” DJ Page predicted.”  And reported: Howard Stern Show pal Chyna flexed her spinning and scratching muscles this weekend, taking a shift at the DJ booth at Rick's Cabaret NYC. The former WWE wrestler is becoming a regular in the adult entertainment world. Last year, she released her first porn flick Backdoor to Chyna, which she promoted during one of 2011's most disturbing/hilarious Howard Stern Show interviews.”Most recently Chyna plays the role of She-Hulk in Vivid’s current AvengersXXX: A Porn Parody.