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   ALLIE & CHYNA TO SIGN AT EXXXOTICA N.J. – Chyna and Allie Haze, two of Vivid’s top performers, will be at Exxxotica N.J., November 4th through 6th. Vivid Girl Allie, the reigning XRCO Starlet of the Year for 2011 and Best New Starlet at NightMoves, will meet and greet fans at the consumer expo. She plays Princess Leia in Vivid’s and Axel Braun's upcoming blockbuster Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody, which will debut in January. Former pro-wrestling champion Chyna, star of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and the runaway Vivid hit Backdoor to Chyna, also will be in attendance to sign autographs and meet fans. Chyna and Allie will be appearing at the Club Spotlight booth. Exxxotica N.J. is taking place at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center, located at 97 Sunfield Avenue in Edison, N.J.  Show hours are: Nov. 4, from 4-11 p.m.; Nov. 5 from noon –11 p.m.; and Nov. 6 from Noon-7 p.m.  Chyna will remain in New York City following the show for a full schedule of media appearances and a party at Rick’s Cabaret on West 33rd Street Thursday night, November 10th.

FEM-POP REVIEWS SPIDER-MAN XXX – The website has reviewed the Axel Braun feature Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody, in a lengthy article called “Spider-man XXX Will Get Webbing Everywhere.”  The review in the website that looks at “pop culture through a feminist lens” was by writer Kick Puncher, who says: “After directing Superman XXX: A Porn Parody, porn director/comic fanboy Axel Braun (a man who must have the most interesting business cards ever) set his sights on Spider-Man, to create something that’s somewhere between fan film and sex tape. It turns out Grant Morrison was wrong; when geeks get power, you don’t get Hitler, you get a movie where Spider-Man bones the Black Widow. But how does the finished product stack up? Is it Spider-Man 2, with screwing, or Spider-Man 3, with screwing? Let’s watch and find out, for purely critical and artistic reasons.” Her lengthy scene-by-scene review follows.

DISCLAIMER:  Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody is a parody movie. Spider-Man® is a registered trademark of Marvel Characters, Inc. The video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Marvel Characters, Inc. or any other person or entity affiliated with it.   Superman XXX: A Porn Parody is a parody movie. Superman®, is a registered trademark of DC Comics, a General Partnership, composed of Warner Communications Inc. and E.C. Publications, Inc. The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with DC Comics General Partnership, Warner Communications Inc. or E.C. Publications, Inc. or any other person or entity affiliated with any of them.

 SISTER WIVES XXX ATTRACTING ATTENTION – The newly released Sister Wives XXX: A Porn Parody, is beginning to attract attention across the internet. calls it “spoof porn” and gives its readers a scene-by scene photo preview of the movie.,   ExCaliburFilms,,, and are among the many sites that previewed the movie, or carried still photos from the scenes. Said Luke: “If you ever saw this show on TV, it was crazy. The women really did look like they were walking around in a zombie-like haze. I’m open-minded and want everyone to live and let live, even in this case. But it was just downright WEIRD! And on the show, of course they say there is no sexual interaction between the women, but I find that hard to believe. The characters Vivid has chosen look just like the women on the show. I’d like to see this just for the "strange" factor. And knowing that B. Skow directed it, chances are it’s a sexy movie.”  Much of the pre-release excitement for the movie was generated by a YouTube teaser that went viral.

Disclaimer: Discovery Communications, LLC has claimed trademark rights to "Sister Wives".  Sister Wives XXX, A Porn Parody is not a Discovery or TLC product, is not authorized, sanctioned, sponsored, or approved by Discovery or TLC.  There is no affiliation, connection, or association between Discovery or TLC and the authors or publishers of Sister Wives XXX, A Porn Parody. Sister Wives XXX, A Porn Parody is a parody movie featuring a fantasized version of individuals who appear or have appeared in the media.  This parody movie is not to be taken seriously, and does not depict actual events in the lives of any individual mentioned, portrayed or identified in the movie.