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ALLIE HAZE FEATURED IN AUSTRALIAN PENTHOUSE – Australian Penthouse has no doubt: “American porn star Allie Haze is on the fast track to superstardom.” In its most recent issue, the magazine carries a wide-ranging interview with the brunette Vivid Girl titled “Haze Craze.” Allie tells the interviewer she got into the adult industry “because I wanted to have sex with hot women in a really safe, fun way. I was a lesbian before I became bisexual, so I started doing girl/girl porn, and things just grew from there. I have had the honor of being signed with Vivid since May of this year, and it has been amazing! She also says that while she once considered getting a boob job, she has since decided not to: “you gotta rock what you got!” She also says that she rarely watches her own films. “I enjoy watching my friends. I’m a creeper.”


AVN GIVES TOP RATING TO TRISTAN’S LATESTAVN has given a four-star rating to Tristan Taromino’s Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex. Reviewer Iris Blocks writes: “Led by the pucker queen herself, a band of enthusiasts share their love of nether pleasures in this Vivid-Ed release. Columnist, sexpert and directrix Tristan Taormino is indeed an expert, but don’t let the ‘advanced’ in the title deter you. The usefulness of the information, and the sex-positive way in which it is delivered, makes Taormino’s guide suitable fare for pleasure boutiques as well as video stores. In addition to her lengthy talk about anal essentials, Taormino begins each scene by interviewing the performers about their experiences with ass play, both in the business and in their personal lives. But all the chatter doesn’t mean that the sex is watered down...we’re talking hardcore heaven.”



Click here for Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody Trailer

VIVID AND STAR WARS XXX IN L.A. WEEKLY STORYVivid played a prominent role in an extensive story in L.A. Weekly, “Porn Defends the Money Shot.” Reporter Dennis Romero notes that the money shot is “the staple of porn and an element of Americana so pervasive that it has become a term to describe any crescendo in pop culture, from a game-winning basket by Kobe Bryant to an emphatic punch line by Sarah Palin. Almost everything in adult video leads up to the final ‘pop,’ as those in the business call the visual release of semen. But most of the rest of the time is spent setting up shots and adjusting body parts for the perfect lead-up. Behind the scenes, it actually can be tedious to witness. And there's no fast-forward.” Romero writes that he watched the shooting recently of Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody: “Billed as the most expensive adult film ever, its production was as professional and deliberate as any big-budget Hollywood project…And Princess Leia. Oh, Princess Leia — played by Vivid Entertainment's newest contract star, Allie Haze. If not for Haze strutting around the set, her hair in trademark buns, her obscene curves visible beneath a sheer white gown, (watching) it all would have been an absolute bore…Star Wars XXX director Axel Braun told the Weekly on set. ‘I'm not going after fans of porn; I'm going after fans of the original source material.’

Braun's films, in partnership with Vivid, the industry's largest studio, have been blockbusters at a time when — as with mainstream studios, record labels and newspapers — online consumption is draining profits. Porn parodies (Elvis XXX, Spider-Man XXX) are a rare bright spot in an industry that has seen its bottom line rocked.”