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ALLIE GETS CANDID WITH AIPVivid Girl Allie Haze had a tell-all interview with AIP DAILY, explaining why she got into the adult industry, revealing her fan-girl fascination with Star Wars, and talking about some very unusual hobbies. She told interviewer Christina that she “joined the business to have a safe fun way to have sex with hot women. I was a lesbian before I became bi-sexual but I was already dating someone, who is male, and I didn’t want to cut sex with women out of my life. So I started doing girl/girl porn and loved it and the business really liked me and things just grew from there.” She also talked about her role in the upcoming Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody, noting. “I am a fan of the original movies and the best part about the XXX version (in which she plays Princess Leia) is that it is so close to the originals with that touch of sexual humor I think the fans are really going to love it!” She urged readers to check out the SFW teaser of the Star Wars XXX parody on YouTube. She also revealed what she does in her spare time: “I like to race 1/8th scale RC cars and spend a lot of time at the dog park with my Daisy dog. I really enjoy the outdoors so I spend most of time with family and friends, BBQing and swimming in my backyard when I am not reading a good book!” A true All-American Girl!



Watch Runaway Movie With Capri Anderson

CAPRI’S ‘GOT WHAT IT TAKES’ – reviewed the trailer for Runaway last weekend, called it the Clip of the Week, and came away with nothing but praise for Capri Anderson. “Capri Anderson has built her adult performing career so solidly that it's gotten us to ask, ‘Charlie who?’ Now front and center in a major Vivid Entertainment production, Capri shows that she's got what it takes to be one of porn's great leading ladies. The trailer looks superb and reminds us a lot of B. Skow's The Condemned!” Check out The Runaway Trailer -- this week's clip of the week.”




GUY.COM B. SKOW INTERVIEW – Vivid director B. Skow was interviewed extensively this week by, discussing his career, the adult industry and his new movie, Spread Eagle. He tells interviewer David Oliver that the praise Spread Eagle has been receiving is all the more surprising because it was a low-budget film created on a whim. ‘I just came up with it (the idea for the movie).  The guy who’s the lead in it, Tommy Gunn, I was shooting him one day and, it was just kind of a stupid idea, because he’s real pointy and looks like a bird.  And we were joking around on set and I told him I was going to write a movie where he becomes a bird.  When I put it together, the idea of it…it’s low budget porn, it’s one of our lower budget films, I directed it, I shot camera, I shot the stills, I did everything myself, one person.  I had two other people helping me, so it was a real tiny crew.  It was just a low budget idea, and between some people who worked in porn, we just tried to make it the best we could.” B. Skow also hinted at his next parody project: “ I am going to maybe do one with Chyna: She-Hulk. It’s going to be a bigger budget.  We’re going to have CGI, green screen, and I’m going to spend more time on it.  That’s probably going to be the next thing I do.  I think we might also do a WWE parody with her.  Maybe not a parody, but a wrestling theme movie.  Or a big pay-per-view event, something like that.” The complete interview is available at:



Watch Savanna Samson is The Masseuse

SAVANNA INTERVIEW WITH XCRITIC – writer Apache Warrior has a new and far-ranging interview with Savanna Samson. The introduction to the interview reads:“With her love for wine making, it's only appropriate that Savanna Samson is like a fine wine in that they both get better with age. In both of her professional endeavors, this beauty has shown her staying power quite well. Her final Vivid release Savanna Samson is the Masseuse has been receiving much praise from several of the most influential adult film reviewers in the business. Meanwhile, in the male-oriented wine making industry, Savanna is continuing to forge on in making her vineyard into a smashing success…” Savanna’s response: ”Well, I haven't yet seen the reviews, but I can tell you I am proud to be part of Vivid's most successful series ever. I can honestly tell you I am very hard on myself and can't help but wonder if I did it justice! I hate to be like that, but when you have some of the all time greats being The Masseuse like Taylor Haze and of course, Jenna Jameson, I can't help but wonder. I was happy to have been chosen by Jenna to play her wife in her Masseuse; for which we won best Girl/Girl sex scene! In my Masseuse, I worked with Holly Sampson who I thought was so very sexy and Trent Tesoro who did an amazing job and may even win Best Actor for his performance. As always, I love working with Voodoo. He's amazing and our scene together is one of the few I have a killer orgasm in. We didn't care about the cameras and he encouraged me to just let loose and go for it. It was one of my most memorable experiences on camera.”