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VIVID STUDIO INSIDER AUGUST 26, 2011 on Kim Superstar.

KIM’S WEDDING SPURS SALES OF HER VIDEO – When Kim Kardashian got married to Chris Humphries, Vivid began a renewed marketing push for Kim Kardashian Superstar, the enormously popular sex video. Vivid launched a contest promising that it would produce a private video for the winners of a special contest. Just the announcement of the contest sparked more interest in Kim K Superstar. The media interest was extensive and continuous. Egotastic covered the announcement of the contest and its story got worldwide distribution over the Reuters news service. Egotastic wrote: “Our friends at the adult playground known as Vivid are celebrating this week's Kim Kardashian nuptials by running a contest that allows any old Jack and Jill winner to be flown to Los Angeles to film your very own professionally produced and directed 'Honeymoon' sex tape under the auspices of Vivid.” A headline on TMZ proclaimed: “Kim Kardashian Porn Tape Site ERUPTS During Wedding Weekend.” The TMZ story reported: “TMZ has learned ... roughly 2 MILLION people visited between Friday and Sunday night ... a HUGE boost from the average weekend traffic.” Fox News reported: “Porn Studio Contest Reminds Everyone How Bride-to-Be Kim Kardashian Got 'Discovered'.” The popular website Celebrity Fix said: “Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Saw Her Sex Tape Sales Soar!” Her partner in the video, rapper Ray J, spurred additional interest when he jumped into the media mix. Radar Online wrote: “The rapper who ‘co-starred’ with Kim in an infamous sex tape, texted her a message that said , ‘And to think you really have me to thank for all this ;-).’ The Hollywood Reporter quoted Steven Hirsch on Friday: "The power of  Kim Kardashian's name continues to amaze us. The Kim//Ray J sex tape has been a best seller for us since it was introduced in 2007 and there's no question that the media focus on her wedding last weekend increased traffic to What has surprised us even more is that traffic continues to increase on a daily basis and at this point doesn't show signs of slowing down."










BRAUN’S STAR WARS XXX TRAILER CONTINUES TO AMAZE – Vivid’s release of the trailer for Axel Braun’s Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody is sparking a continuing to generate media stories. Among the websites that have published new stories on the parody and the porn parody phenomenon are,,, and hundreds of others.

















SAVANNA’S MASSEUSE A CRAVED COVER -- Savanna Samson Is The Masseuse was selected as a “Cover We Crave” by Here’s what XCritic wrote about the cover: “With all of the cover we craves we've done over the years, usually we feature the front cover of a release, but this week is a little different. With Savanna Samson is The Masseuse we're all excited about the BACK of the box. Why you ask? In addition to it being a pretty kick ass back cover (and Savanna looks fantastic) Vivid has quoted our early look at this title. Often we say 'we can't wait to see what's inside' but we've gotten a sneak peek and we loved what we saw.’ Aside from our boasting from being quoted by one the major powerhouse adult studios, the actual front of the cover is pretty fantastic too and absolutely craveworthy... and thus this week's cover we crave.”