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Axel Braun has signed all-natural starlet Aiden Ashley to An exclusive two-year boy-girl contract with Axel Braun Productions. Under the terms of the deal, the 22 year-old Arizona native, who has never before performed in boy-girl scenes, will star in several big-budget features that will be distributed by Vivid Entertainment. Says Axel: "I met Aiden during the auditions for Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody and I was immediately blown away by her professionalism, her enthusiasm, her acting ability, and of course her stunning beauty. I saw incredible potential in her, but being a girl-girl only performer limited in the roles I could cast her in, so I jokingly told her that she should start doing boy-girl scenes just for my movies. I had no idea that she would actually say yes, and I am absolutely thrilled that she did." Aiden adds, “Even though I had never planned on 'crossing over', the opportunity to star in Axel's movies was too juicy to pass. His productions are incredible, his reputation is stellar, and being associated with him and Vivid is a great honor." Aiden is a professional DJ, recording artist, and self-professed adrenaline junkie who loves skydiving, bungee jumping, racing BMX, snowboarding and even flying a trapeze.” With two big movies already in pre-production at ABP, fans of Aiden Ashley can expect her highly anticipated first boy-girl scene to be available in the fall from Vivid.


CNBC RERUNS POPULAR PROGRAM WITH STEVEN HIRSCH – CNBC decided that its program “Porn: The Business of Pleasure” warrants re-airing so the network has re-run it. The program features Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch. The program concludes that the overall adult business is changing as DVD sales decline in a weak economy and companies adjust to piracy and free or cheap porn on the Internet.  Steven tells CNBC, however, that Vivid continues to thrive: “Our first movie was 25 years ago and it's really the same formula: beautiful girls who work exclusively for the company, movies that cater to couples, and hot sex. Those things haven't changed.”




PHIL VARONE HITS THE RADIO TOUR TRAIL -- -- Phil Varone, the rock ‘n’ roll drummer who claims he’s had sex with over 3,000 women, has gone on an extensive radio tour to promote his new Vivid-Celeb video. The two-disc CD set of Phil Varone’s Secret Sex Stash is available in stores nationwide, at, the website of leading adult company Vivid Entertainment and at where visitors are also seeing more footage from Varone’s erotic video collection. Meanwhile, Phil appeared last week on radio shows in cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, Columbus and Kansas City to talk about his career, his sexual conquests, and of course, the movie.



LIKES BACKDOOR – New York City events, music and entertainment website has given a positive review of Backdoor to Chyna. Before getting into the movie itself, veteran reviewer Ralph Greco notes, “By always placing a heavy emphasis on high quality erotic filmed entertainment, Vivid has given us some pretty steamy stuff over the years. From famous celebrity sex tapes, their wild infamous parodies and some classic titles, the porn company continues to push the envelope (or more precisely peel it open) on dirty visual fare. They do so once again on their new Backdoor to Chyna DVD.” Greco concludes: “For me it is the very straight-forward honest interviews with the dark-haired lady that really make this movie special, but the sex is pretty hot too. There’s one particularly very athletic moment in the beginning of the film that involves a standing 69 that I found very impressive and a three-some girls-on-girls scene is quite hot indeed! I also like how the sex scenes are about sex here, not the sets or music, just good old-fashioned getting to it-ness. One will surely get close-up with Backdoor to Chyna…in quite a few ways!”


TMZ SAYS WALTZ WAS SHOPPING HER OWN SEX TAPE TO VIVID – The former mistress of David Arquette says she is “shocked” that her sex tape has gone public. But TMZ says she shouldn’t have been, because she herself was shopping a tape. The TMZ report says: “Sources close to Jasmine Waltz tell TMZ ... the 28-year-old and her manager set up a meeting with porn giant Vivid Entertainment last year hoping to lock up a deal to star in her own XXX video ... and she even SIGNED A CONTRACT! But after Waltz signed the deal, sources tell us, things went sour ... Waltz had released a statement saying, "I'm absolutely shocked that the public is now going to see what I made with my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Suuuuuuure she was." The TMZ report quickly went viral, with pickups from gossip and entertainment websites around the world.