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 CHYNA MAKES THE ‘DAILY BEAST’ – Current Vivid-Celeb sensation Chyna was featured this week on the popular mainstream internet news site The Daily Beast.  An article with the headline “From Wrestling to Porn: Chyna once slammed male opponents into submission. After a hard-luck few years, the pro-wrestling pioneer is re-entering the ring with a big adult-film release.”   Her story topped the “Sexy Beast” section of the site. Writer Chris Lee reported: “To hear Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer tell it, giving up professional wrestling to become a porn star wasn’t a difficult decision—it was a no-brainer. Moreover, she says filming her new, no-holds-barred sex tape Backdoor to Chyna, which was released online and in stores, provided her with the corrective to an incredibly trying phase in her life—a seven-year period during which the former reality-TV regular described herself as professionally adrift, financially distressed, and depressed enough to attempt taking her own life several times. ‘This tape empowered me,’ Laurer said between sips of iced tea in a busy West Los Angeles coffeehouse. ‘I felt respected. I felt beautiful. I got paid well. This movie didn’t happen to me. I cast it. I was involved from beginning to end. In a way, it fixed me,’ she continued. ‘I feel like it helped me get over trauma that I needed help with.’” Lee also reported: “A host of adult movie production companies had contacted Laurer during her first wave of porn stardom. And she recalled that Vivid Entertainment—an industry leader with a long track record for producing celebrity sex tapes including Kim Kardashian Superstar and Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee: Hardcore and Uncensored—had shown uncommon restraint and dignity in dealing with her. So in November 2010, she called Vivid’s founder and Co-Chairman Steven Hirsch about shooting a film for them. ‘I was interested but initially skeptical,’ Hirsch recalled. ‘What intrigued me was that new audience. She was so big in the pro wrestling world, she has millions of fans all over the world that are interested in checking her out in something that isn’t wrestling. I thought we could have something good here.’ Early indications seem to bear that kind of thinking out. Although Vivid is a private company and does not release sales information, the executive characterized Backdoor to Chyna’s online sales as ‘phenomenal.’ The movie’s roll-out date had to be moved up twice after it leaked online and dozens of wrestling and entertainment websites began touting its release.”

 IT’S VIVID PARTY TIME THIS SUMMER – First there was an after party for The Sex Stand Up Rock & Roll Show with Phil Varone, which celebrated the release of Phil Varone's Secret Sex Stash from Vivid-Celeb.  Among those attending the Key Club party in Hollywood was Vivid Girl Allie Haze, who was clearly the star. Then Allie hosted an open-to-the-public celebration of Chyna's successful debut as a Vivid performer with her first movie Backdoor to Chyna.  Over 1,000 fans showed up at the chic, new Supperclub is Los Angeles, a world-class restaurant that transitions into a chic dance club every Wednesday.  Then it was back over to Hollywood where AEBN, the leader in adult video on demand, teamed up with Vivid to throw an industry party to celebrate star Allie's new title as a Vivid Girl. Sunny Leone was the night's red carpet hostess. The event was held at the Roxbury Nightclub, located at 1661 Ivar Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028.

CELEBS REPORTER SUGGESTS NADYA SHOULD HAVE TAKEN VIVID OFFER – According to popular entertainment website Celebs,  Nadya “Octomom” Sulyman told a reporter from In Touch Magazine that  she is “so overwhelmed by the physical, psychological, and financial burdens of caring for her octobrood that she not only ‘wishes she never had them’ and she often thinks about contemplating suicide. Or, as La Suleman so succinctly put it: ‘I hate babies, they disgust me.’”  Celebs reporter Hope Carson sums up the situation in her article on Octomom as follows: “Nadya Suleman's situation is perilous and pitiful indeed. However, she's had many opportunities to improve her situation financially. Maybe she should have accepted one of Steve Hirsch's many offers to make an adult film for Vivid Entertainment. Beggars can't be choosers, Nadya. And $500,000 for one hour's work buys a lot of baby food and clothes.”  Late in the week, Celebs posted a new story, saying Octomom “has finally found a way out of her financial distress. And she didn't have to appear in a Vivid Entertainment porno film to do it. Take that Steve Hirsch…she's booked herself onto Celebridate, The Cable Show in Chicago,