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PHIL VARONE’S SECRET SEX STASHVivid has released Phil Varone's Secret Sex Stash, a “homemade porn rock star groupie documentation” starring the rock 'n' roll drummer who claims he's had sex with over 3,000 women. The movie became available on Thursday at and the DVD from the Vivid-Celeb imprint will be in stores nationwide as of Tuesday, July 5th. News of the release was an immediate media sensation, with music, gossip and fan websites noting that it reflects Varone's all-encompassing attitude toward sex. He sums up his approach by saying: "I believe everyone should have sex with as many partners as possible, in as many ways as possible." Over the years Varone has appeared on VH1's "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" show and has been branded as a sex addict, but he disputes this: "They've got an addiction claim for everything you can do, but I never considered myself a sex addict because sex never screwed up the rest of my life or my ability to function at a high level.

The drummer for Saigon Kick, Skid Row and Prunella Scales says of his movie: “Sex has been the defining element in my life and both the movie and my website document my continuing extraordinary adventures. It takes the viewer inside my raucous sex life. Granted, it's been pretty easy for me to meet many groupies along the way, but I still feel a charge each time with each new girl. It's a very personal, very explicit experience and never gets old. This was the first time for me with the incredible five girls in the movie and I loved every minute I had with each of them." Viewers of the movie online will see bonus footage and the site will be updated monthly with more scenes. To celebrate the release of the movie, Phil has scheduled an open-to-the-public party after his long running "Sex, Stand Up Rock & Roll Show" on June 21st at the Key Club (310-274-5800) in Los Angeles.




 VIVID MOVES UP RELEASE OF “CHYNA” MOVIE -- – Responding to strong consumer demand, Vivid Entertainment has advanced the release date of "Backdoor to Chyna" and has made it available at starting today. The no-holds-barred sexual adventure movie stars former professional wrestling champion Chyna, aka Joanie Marie Laurer. Says Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid: "Word got out that we had made a movie with Chyna and the reaction has been strong, so we decided to make it available immediately on our website. We knew she had a sizeable fan base from her wrestling days, but we didn't realize how huge it is. Fans will love it because the movie reflects Chyna's uncompromising approach to life.

She knew exactly what she wanted in the movie -- to push her sexual boundaries as never before. Together Chyna and her director B. Skow deliver one sizzling package." A trailer from the movie has also been posted on Says Chyna: "This is the XXX movie that I always wanted to make for my fans and it is full-out nasty," says Chyna, who was called the "Ninth Wonder of the World" during her fighting days because of her aggressive wrestling style against both men and women. In addition to winning the WWF Women's Championship, Chyna is the only female in professional wrestling history to compete full time in the men's division, where she twice held the WWF Intercontinental Championship. 




SEX IS ON ERICA LYNNE’S MIND ‘ALL THE TIME’ – The star of the hot Vivid-Celeb release Erica Lynne is Badd XXX tells that she thinks of little else except sex. In an interview with XCritic’s Apache Warrior, Erica also reveals that Vivid is working with her to set up her own production company. In her introduction to the interview, Apache Warrior writes: “Known for her outrageous personality and her stunning looks Erica Lynne is a dynamic starlet who shows that her skills on the screen go far beyond just reality TV. With her drive and fun-loving demeanor, she has a very good idea of what she wants in life and for her career. From having watched her Vivid film Erica Lynne is Badd, this lady sizzles on screen … and both guys and gals will want to be with her.”

Erica herself says once she and her boyfriend hinted they might want to make an adult movie, “the offers started rolling in and we settled with Vivid because they are the most well-known, and offered the most money. They also are helping Adrian and I get our adult film production company off the ground called "VBG-Very Bad Girls," in which I will get Bad Girls from The ‘Bad Girls Club’ and other hot reality shows to release their tapes or do films with our production company. I am a very sexual person, it's on my mind ALL THE TIME. I love to see a woman with nice perky tits, wide hips, and a nice booty on her...kinda like me! LOL The things I look for in a man are nice teeth, good hygiene, they have to know how to dress well, and treat me well. Oh yeah, and they need to own their car, have a good credit score, and NOT BE LIVING AT HOME!”



THE INCREDIBLE HULK XXX: A PORN PARODY' RELEASES JUNE 13TH -- The Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody, directed by B. Skow and written by David Stanley, will be released online at and through stores across the country on Monday, June 13th. The movie is the latest from the studio's VividXXXSuperHeroes imprint. Skow's parody of the dual personality saga stems from his personal fascination of the Hulk and his alter ego as portrayed in the TV series of the 1970s and '80s. Skow created many authentic touches to preserve the 1970s time period -- from cars, wardrobe and makeup to office furniture and early computers.

In the storyline of the Vivid parody, Dr. David Banner tries to find a way to tap into the super-human strength within us all. Although Dr. Elaina Marks, Dr. Banner's hot research assistant, discovers that sex holds the key to super-human strength, Dr, Banner believes exposure to gamma rays is the real link and subjects himself to a high dose of radiation. The result is a massive, muscle bulging, green-skinned behemoth with a voracious sexual craving.



Disclaimer: The Incredible Hulk: A XXX Porn Parody, is a parody movie. The Incredible Hulk®, Incredible Hulk® and Hulk® are registered trademarks of MVL Rights, LLC.  The video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with MVL Rights, LLC, its corporate parent The Walt Disney Company or any other person or entity affiliated with any of them.