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 FAMED LADY WRESTLER CHYNA CHOSES VIVID FOR HER RETURN DEBUT – broke the story this week that ex-WWE star Chyna is returning to porn and will make a movie with Vivid Entertainment. reported: It's been seven years since WWE superstar Chyna released her horrifying sex tape -- and TMZ has learned, she's making a triumphant return to the adult industry ... in an EXTREMELY graphic porno. Vivid President Steve Hirsch tells TMZ, Chyna approached him months ago to breathe life into her XXX career -- demanding to work with the biggest male porn star in the business. Steve did her one better ... and hooked her up with the TWO biggest male porn stars in the business -- Evan and Lee Stone -- and together, the threesome shot a gnarly skin flick ... tentatively called Backdoor to Chyna. The DVD is set for release in the near future -- and if the title is any indication, Chyna may be riding a wheelchair to the premiere party.”

  PROVOCATIVE NEW VIVID VODKA MAKES MEMORIAL DAY SPLASH IN VEGAS --  Vivid Vodka, a hip new spirit with a provocative, edgy and playful personality, is keeping the party going for Las Vegas locals over Memorial Day weekend with hot Local Love Marathon parties at Posh Boutique Nightclub and Crazy Horse III.  Vivid Vodka is the smooth tasting, crystal clear super premium vodka from White Star Marketing, which has already earned a score of 90 from The Beverage Testing Institute. White Star licenses the name from Vivid Entertainment. The Local Love Marathon parties are at Posh Boutique Nightclub in the PLAYGROUND adult entertainment and nightlife complex on Friday and Saturday nights. A stellar lineup of DJs will spin back-to-back and Vivid Vodka will be poured with unbeatable bottle service promotions. Vivid Vodka is hosting another Memorial Day Weekend-long celebration at the PLAYGOUND complex that will include a TUFF-N-UFF after-party, local DJs spinning at Crazy Horse III and bottle specials for locals.  The party begins Friday, May 27 as TUFF-N-UFF fighters Larry Mir and Chris Barden face-off in the cage. Two of the hottest local Las Vegas spinners, DJ CLA on Friday and DJ Mikey Swift on Saturday, will keep the party going at Crazy Horse III, which will offer $100 bottles on Sunday, May 29, for Las Vegas locals with ID. Bottles will be subject to availability.

 XCRITIC PICKS ROUGH SEX  -- reviewer Ravyn C gives Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind a five-star rating and chooses it an “XCritic Pick.”  Ravyn C writes of the Tristan Taormino Vivid-Ed feature:  “After watching Rough Sex 3, I found myself wanting to trade places with Adrianna. I think in all reality, women today have their own dark fantasies but are afraid of playing them out.  In Rough Sex 3, that is exactly what Adrianna does and then some.” Ravyn C adds,  “There  have  been  very  few porn  titles that  affect me the way  this one did.. and if this is what  Adrianna and Tristan wanted to get  across to its fans….all I can say is WOW!!  Let me  just stress that those who aren’t into  enjoying the aspect of rough sex during love making  have to  understand  that there is  pain with pleasure and  there is  a lot of pleasuring  going on in Rough Sex 3.  My hat’s off to the entire cast and crew and to Adrianna for sharing her fantasies with us…. Especially the one with Manuel and Nat (who I can say is my newest crush!)   Rough Sex 3 in my book is an XCritic Pick.”

 METRO UK ON THE INCREDIBLE HULK – The popular British news and gossip site Metro UK reported last week on Vivid’s upcoming The Incredible Hulk: A XXX Porn Parody, noting in its headline that it “turns blue movies green.”   Metro UK reports, “It's the latest in a line of X-rated flicks from Vivid based on superheroes, others being Superman and Spider-man….they worked hard to make sure their film still had the feel of the old school TV program right down to the hairstyles and costumes. The plot will also remain the same, with Dr Bruce Banner transformed into his alter ego after a mishap with a gamma radiation machine.”  Metro UK quotes producer Shylar Cobi disclosed that prosthetics used in the film “caused a problem during the more physical scenes. ‘The make-up won't stand up to a BJ,’ he quipped. Vivid Entertainment say they plan to make similar steamy spoofs of The Green Hornet, Captain America and Thor.” The movie wil be available at and in stores June 13.
Disclaimer: The Incredible Hulk: A XXX Porn Parody, is a parody movie.   The Incredible Hulk®, Incredible Hulk® and Hulk® are registered trademarks of MVL Rights, LLC.  The video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with MVL Rights, LLC, its corporate parent The Walt Disney Company or any other person or entity affiliated with any of them.

TONY BATMAN INTERVIEWS CAPRI ANDERSON --  Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News has completed an interview for  the EMM Report with “the new IT girl of the adult industry Capri  Anderson.”  The video interview, which has been posted on YouTube, was conducted while Capri was shooting her part in the upcoming Vivid Entertainment movie My Little Back Book. Batman says Anderson “made it to the top of the news after being  the girl in the hotel in New York with Charlie Sheen during that debacle that in our opinion started Charlie Sheen’s current situation. Since that time Capri Anderson has signed on as an exclusive contract girl with Vivid.”