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Vivid Studio Insider for May 13th, 2011









– She’s a fun-loving former preacher's wife, and now Allie Haze is the newest Vivid Girl. This year's XRCO's Best New Starlet winner is just the second Vivid Girl signed by the company in the past year. Said Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch, "We decided to bring back exclusive stars only if they were very exceptional, and Allie is a prime example. Our two top directors, Axel Braun and B. Skow, brought her to my attention independently of each other. We met with her and immediately knew she was incredibly special. We are all delighted she's on board and we think that Vivid fans will be excited by her sexy beauty and irrepressibly happy personality." The 23-year-old Allie was born in the lush Inland Empire of California, where she grew up as an athletic girl who studied hard and kept her days full with academics, soccer, theater and volunteering for an animal rescue organization. Says Allie: "I married a preacher when I was 18, and that turned out to be a big mistake, especially from the sexual side of the relationship. We were divorced by the time I was 20. It felt like I was let out of a cage. Up to then I never thought much about sex, or had even a passing interest in adult entertainment." While in college, she got a job as a bartender and did nude modeling to help pay her tuition. "I'd always thought I was bi-sexual, so when I was offered some good money to be with a woman on camera, I was really up for it. I liked it so much that it led to my finding an agent who helped me get more work with women," she says. Her initial films earned the stunning, slender 5'7" brunette the honor of Best New Starlet by XRCO, the X-Rated Critics Organization. Allie has also nurtured a mainstream acting career under the name of Brittney Joy, and was thrilled when she was selected to star in seven mainstream feature films that will be showcased at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Allie will be in Cannes, but says that due to contractual obligations she can't name the films until the production company makes its own announcement.






Vivid offered Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton $5 million to do one scene in an upcoming adult film, and news of the offer immediately became a worldwide media sensation. First TMZ got wind of the story, and ran a saucy article that began: “Time for a little porn math -- Pippa Middleton = 5 Octomoms ... because TMZ has learned a major company is offering Kate's little sister a whopping $5,000,000 ... for JUST ONE SCENE. Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch sent Pippa the letter, saying he thought she was the star of the Royal Wedding and that her ‘beauty and attitude’ would make her a huge adult star. The fact she had some semi-racy photos surface this week probably didn't hurt either. But get this -- Hirsch is also offering $1 million to another member of her family for doing a scene ... her brother James! Back in February 2009, Hirsch offered Nadya Suleman $1 mil to appear in a flick. Thankfully, she said no.” TMZ also had some fun with the possibility of a Pippa movie, tossing out potential titles such as “The Really Big Ben” and “Knights of the Pound Table.” The Vivid-Pippa story has been covered by thousands of websites, newspapers, blogs, radio shows and every other media combination, both in the U.S. and abroad, from The Hollywood Reporter to the Times of India.




-- Vivid has offered a sneak peek of Capri Anderson’s debut movie as a Vivid Girl, My Little Black Book. The preview clip on YouTube gave viewers a sexy look at Anderson in her first film since her notorious night with Charlie Sheen at New York's Plaza Hotel last year. Since the incident, Capri has been in great demand for personal appearances and is steadily booked at clubs and other venues. Last month Vivid signed her as a Vivid Girl, and she will make movies exclusively for the world’s leading adult studio as a contract actress. In My Little Black Book, the beautiful girl who drove Sheen wild plays the character Rae, who is given a magical notebook that changes her life. She is involved in a love triangle with her next-door neighbor Tom, played by Johnny Sins. Adding sizzle to the story are Taylor and Tati Russo, known as The Russo Twins, whose debut movie for Vivid, Introducing the Russo Twins, has become a best-seller. Additional cast members include Gracie Glam, Dane Cross, Barry Scott and James Deen. Says writer David Stanley: “Capri is definitely from a new generation of adult stars. She got a taste of the industry though web exposure, loved the work and moved on to feature productions. Fans can tell when they are watching an actress who truly enjoys what she’s doing and Capri is at the top of her game before the camera. She’s naturally sexy and wants to turn you on. I can well imagine what Charlie Sheen saw in those fabulous green eyes and full lips.”




Vivid is releasing personal sex footage made by Erica Lynne (Langston), the bodacious blonde with the outrageous personality on Oxygen Network's Bad Girls Club Miami, Season 5. Erica Lynne is Badd, The XXX Home Movies" will be released on Monday, May 16 on and in stores nationwide. Says Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch: "When word got out on Twitter that the footage existed, we were immediately interested. We know she was approached by several studios and we're excited that we were able to negotiate the distribution rights. Erica surpasses her reputation of being fearless and holding nothing back. She makes her sex scenes jump off the screen." The movie takes viewers where none of the show's cameras have gone before, revealing her most intimate and uninhibited experiences with her current main squeeze Adrian, whom she met during the show. Erica was the runaway star of Season 5, which tracked the intense experiences of seven roommates with oversized egos for four months in Miami. She stirred up one altercation after another, which helped the show beat every prior season's viewership. "Making 'Bad Girls Club Miami' was a fascinating experience for me," says Erica. "The dynamics of living together and learning everyone's personal quirks was all fun. I was known as the sexual one and I guess I earned that because I strongly believe that a healthy sex life is the cure to the issues of most people. When I'm not having sex with someone, I'm usually using my vibrator.”