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Vivid Studio Insider for February 4th, 2010



Tila Tequila, the petite, bubbly reality-TV personality and pop culture wild-child, is now starring in an all-girl threesome sex tape, "Tila Tequila Uncorked," acquired by Vivid Entertainment. The newest celebrity sex tape is NOW AVAILABLE on and in stores nationwide. The singer-songwriter-model-actress-author's exploits have rocked the celebrity gossip world for years. Her role as host of her bi-sexual themed MTV reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila and as the host of the Fuse TV show Pants-Off Dance-Off have only fueled her notoriety. Says Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch: "There is enormous interest in this sexy and controversial celebrity, so when we were offered footage of her with two of her girlfriends, we acted immediately. Their sex is extraordinarily graphic and hot. We know that our fans will enjoy it because Tila's sexual appetite is like her life style -- she holds nothing back. It should be noted that there's been a fake Tila Tequila sex tape out there for years, but I can assure you that ours is totally authentic." Steven said Vivid is comfortable with its legal position in releasing the sex tape, which he understands was shot within the past two years.

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VIVID FIGURES PROMINENTLY IN MAJOR MAINSTREAM COVERAGE OF ADULTVivid Entertainment was mentioned prominently in recent mainstream coverage of the adult industry by two major players. New York Magazine, considered one of the elite metropolitan weeklies, called its multi-story coverage “Drowning in Porn.” Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch and personalities such as Sunny Leone and Jenna Jameson were referenced or quoted in the main story, which dealt extensively with free online porn and issues it has created for the adult industry. A CNBC segment called “Porn Industry Looks for New Money Spinners” also references Vivid, which is called the “industry leader.” The story adds: “Vivid dominates porn and has launched some of the biggest stars (including Jenna Jameson), and released some of the biggest films of all time, including sex tapes from Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and Jimi Hendrix.” It said of Steven that he is “also something of a spokesperson for the porn industry. He developed many business models that have been adopted throughout the business, such as putting sought-after stars under exclusive contract and making high-budget films that might appeal to couples as well as solo viewers.”




AXEL MIXES MARTIAL ARTS AND SEX IN NEW BRUCE LEE PARODY -- 2011 AVN Director of the Year Axel Braun has started pre-production on Bruce Lee XXX: A Porn Parody, featuring Asian adult superstar Keni Styles in the title role. The movie will be distributed starting July 20th (the anniversary of Lee’s death by the world's leading adult film studio, Vivid Entertainment. Says Axel: "After the success of Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody, I decided to have some fun and spoof another one of my childhood heroes. Bruce Lee was one of the most influential martial artists of the last century as well as a talented actor, philosopher, film director and screenwriter and Keni is the obvious choice to play the legend --he's a terrific performer and a real-life martial arts champion. Bruce Lee's fans will not be disappointed." The movie will feature parody scenes from "Game of Death," "Enter the Dragon," and "The Green Hornet" TV show in which Lee played Kato. Other characters parodied in the movie include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played by Sean Michaels, Steve McQueen played by Michael Vegas, John Saxon played by Dale DaBone, Faye Dunaway played by Madison Scott and Bruce Lee's wife Linda, played by Lexi Belle.



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DISCLAIMER: Bruce Lee® is a registered trademark of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. "Bruce Lee XXX: A Porn Parody" is a parody movie and is not sponsored or endorsed by Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC, The Green Hornet Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. or any person or entity associated with any of them.