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 VIVID’S OFFICIAL PRO FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP CELEBRATION IN DALLAS ON FRIDAY, FEB. 4TH --   Vivid will celebrate the pro football championship game in Dallas on February 4th with a party hosted by three of the studio’s super stars -- Lia, Sunny Leone and Savanna Samson.  The event is open to the public and is Vivid’s official Dallas party for the football championship week.  Lia, Sunny and Savanna will meet and greet guests, sign autographs and pose for snapshots. The party will begin at 8pm and will be held at 520 Main St., Dallas, TX 75201- 234-206-0849. 

VIVID DECIDES NOT TO BUY "OCTOMOM" MORTGAGE -- Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch announced this week he will not move forward to purchase Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's mortgage note. News of his decision was reported by, distributed by the Associated Press and was picked up by thousands of news outlets around the world.  The headline was:  “You Had Your Money Shot!” Steven’s decision comes after Suleman's rejection of Vivid’s no-strings-attached offer to pay her February mortgage in an attempt to help her avoid foreclosure on her Southern California home. Steven met recently with real estate developer Amer Haddadin, who holds the mortgage on the house, about the possibility of buying the $450,000 note. Said Steven following the meeting, "We carefully reviewed the loan documents concerning the house where Nadya lives. After consulting with our attorneys, it became clear to us that there were details that cause us concern and we are therefore unable to move forward. This was always about helping Nadya as well as making a sensible business decision. Unfortunately, we were not able to accomplish that. We wish Nadya the best of luck in solving the issues related to her home."  Over the past two years Hirsch has made several overtures to Suleman in an attempt to help her support her 14 children. The company offered her $1-million in Feb. of 2009 to appear in an adult movie, but she declined this proposal and two other offers that didn't involve performing. One was to be a production assistant at the studio and the other was to host night club parties for Vivid at this month's Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.  More recently, Vivid sent a check to cover Suleman's February mortgage payment to her attorney, Jeff Czech, but the gesture was rejected. "Jeff Czech said Nadya's only comment was 'Tell them to keep their money,'" Steven said. "We find it difficult to understand why she turned it down our offer which was designed only to help her and her 14 children and did not require that she perform in any Vivid movies or even come to work for us in any capacity."


 POPULAR L.A. TIMES BLOG COVERS SUPERXXXHEROES – L.A. Times reporter Patrick Kevin Day has posted his on-set coverage of the making of The Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody.  The lengthy story includes numerous photos, including shots of director B. Skow and Hulk stars Dale DaBone and Lee Stone.   Day writes, “ Indeed, what sets the SuperXXXHeroes films apart from porn’s long, long tradition of film parody is that this new wave of parodies isn’t content to swipe the title and general themes of their mainstream namesakes – they’re actually trying to re-create the exact look and feel of the originals. In the case of “Hulk XXX,” that means a full wardrobe of vintage ’70s bell bottoms and butterfly collars and sets and hairstyles made to be carbon copies of the network TV original.”  He quotes B. Skow as saying, “There’ve been lots of superhero parodies from other companies, but they always end up just parodying the character. I’m remaking [the ‘Hulk’ TV pilot] almost exactly, but with sex. Instead of making it a joke, I’m trying to keep the drama of it.” Day writes, “The hope is that “Hulk XXX” will appeal to comic-book fans as well as porn fans (though it’s a question whether those two audiences are actually different) and generate a bona fide hit in an industry that’s locked in a constant battle with the pervasive drain of free Internet porn.

This approach has been a hit so far for the company. The first film, “Batman XXX,” which was a dead-on re-creation of the campy 1960s TV series starring Adam West, was named both the best-selling and best renting title of 2010 by Adult Video News (the porn industry’s leading trade) and cleaned up at the AVN Awards in early January, earning seven awards, including best parody. “Superman XXX,” done in the style of Richard Donner’s 1978 blockbuster, will be released on Jan. 31, and more are on the way…”  Full story available at: