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Octomom Baffles Vivid Entertainment with Her Latest Job Turndown

Nadya Suleman Declines Adult Studio's Offer to Host Vegas Parties 

LOS ANGELES – (December 8, 2010) –For almost two years Vivid Entertainment, the world's leading adult studio, has been making job offers to Nadya "Octomom" Suleman to help her support her 14 children.  She rejected two proposals because they required her to perform sex in movies, but now she's rejected an no-sex job offer and her action has surprised the studio. Originally Vivid offered her $1-million in Feb. of 2009 to appear in a movie but she declined, telling that she didn't feel she was "loose enough" to appear in an explicit film.

Vivid then offered her $500,000 to meet her balloon mortgage payment to appear in one scene, for one hour in one movie, and she declined that offer as well.  Realizing that she didn't want to perform, Vivid then offered Nadya a production assistant's position and she refused this job, too. When news of her continuing financial desperation hit the media again a week ago, Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid, sent another offer to host parties for the studio in Vegas this coming January.  

Yesterday, through her attorney, she declined this offer.  Hirsch said "I don't understand her immediate refusal.  This is an opportunity for Nadya to take advantage of her well-known name, without doing anything behind or in front of the camera," adding "this is something major stars do all the time, and are very well paid for it."  Hirsch seemed baffled that Nadya would turn down a great appearance at a great party in favor of struggling to meet her next mortgage payment.  "Needless to say, we will keep trying...we think she's an exciting personality," said Hirsch. 

Vivid will be hosting two glamorous parties in Vegas on Jan. 7th and 8th in conjunction with the AVN Awards, known as "The Oscars of Porn."  Hirsch said Suleman's main duty would have been to smile and shake hands with guests at the events.

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