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Vivid Studio Insider for November 12, 2010

 TAYLOR & KANYE PARODY MOVIE MAKES HEADLINES – broke the story on Tuesday and within minutes it spread throughout the gossip-sphere by website, tweet, blog and word-of-mouth. The story? That Vivid is planning a porn parody based on the on-going feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. reporter Andy Swift asked his readers to suggest titles and an ending for the movie. Among the suggestions: You Belong In Me, Taylor, Imma Make You Finish and Gold Digger: Kanye’s Quest for the Hidden Treasure Between Taylor’s Legs.    Reporter Nate Freeman of The New York Observer wrote about the parody report: “It's been over a year since Kanye West grabbed the microphone from angelic country pop star Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, and they've since made up. Kanye apologized in a virtuosic extended Twitter rant, and Taylor wrote the ego-flexing, Lanvin-loving rap star a song declaring him "Innocent." So now we must ask: is it time for these two titans of entertainment to take this relationship to, um, the next level? The dirty minds at Vivid Entertainment seem to think so. Bonnie Fuller's Hollywood Life is reporting that Vivid, the world's largest adult video producer, is in the early stages of making a porno based on the complicated relationship that has developed between the two.  “Vivid is definitely considering the situation between Taylor and Kanye for a movie,” reveals Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment. “Of course, our take would be in parody form and could heat up the relationship between the two.” writer William Pierce quoted Steven as saying: “We're reviewing script concepts and definitely want to include that famous moment at the VMA awards. We plan to go into production in the next two months."

 KARISSA SHANNON IS WRESTLINGINC.COM “GIRL OF THE MONTH” – Karissa Shannon, star of the Vivid-released celebrity sex tape Karissa Shannon Superstar is the November Girl of the Month on  In an accompanying interview Shannon is asked about the movie and whether she is “personally pleased with the way it came out.”  Her reply: “This is something I'm not proud of and don't like talking about. Those were some of my most intimate and private times and it's unfortunate that I had to share them with the world.” She is also asked if “distribution of the "Karissa Shannon Superstar" movie will hurt or help your career in any way” and her response is unambiguous: “I don't think it will hurt my career because I'm such a hard worker and this is just another hurdle I will have to get past. I recently completed the KAM3 album. Everyone is going to love it! It's party music -- I'm so excited and the single will be out soon.”

AFP INTERVIEWS HIRSCH – Reporter Thierry Vivier of AFP TV, the television arm of leading European news agency Agence France Presse, interviewed Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch.  Vivier’s AFP story will air on broadcast outlets throughout the world and will focus on the state of the adult industry.





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