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CINEKINK HONORS TRISTAN'S ROUGH SEX -- Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex from Vivid Entertainment was recognized with the Adult Industry Showcase Award at the seventh annual Cine Kink Film Festival held last month in New York City. Excerpts from Rough Sex were screened in "Bring It!" a showcase of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality. Tristan said after learning of the kinky film festival award: "I was honored to be included in this showcase with such other terrific filmmakers. I'm thrilled to get this award as it was determined by audience ballot. It's the type of recognition that directors dream about." Rough Sex was also nominated for a 2010 AVN Award and Named as one of's 10 Top Adult DVDs of 2009.

THE WRAP FOLLOWS UP ON VIVID AS A PORN INDUSTRY SAVIOR - The Wrap, a Hollywood website that covers the entertainment industry, has followed up on its original interview of Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Steven Hirsch. In the newest coverage, writer Dominic Patten has suggested "five easy steps for re-erecting the porn industry" and Vivid plays a prominent role in its scenario. Patten notes, "Playboy turns 50 this week, surely making it twice as old as any of its creator's girlfriends... and in honor of Playboy's milestone, The Wrap, like a superhero with a capital P on its chest (or rather on its crotch), came up with a list for saving the sex industry by pumping some blood back into porn." Item #3 on Patten's list reads as follows: "Time for a patch-work quilt for the Porn Industry: It's time for the industry to diversify its offerings. The Wrap suggests the industry could learn a thing or two from porn pioneer Vivid Entertainment and make a dalliance into other genres of porn such as alt-porn, gay-porn and throw in a celebrity sex tape or two for good measure." His fifth suggestion was to ban porn in order to create market scarcity. Patten's latest article was picked up by other media, including The New York Press, and

SAVANNA REVEALS ALL IN CANDID XCRITIC COLUMN - Vivid Girl Savanna Samson's upcoming advice column on offers some extremely candid observations on anal sex, swinging, the art of seduction and how to get a porn star into your bed. She gets right down to the nitty gritty in answer to a question about how to prepare for anal sex "to be perfectly clean," calling on some of her friends in the adult business for their advice. The bottom line: "Most of the time, when you're really turned on and tuned into your body, you will be fine. So, eat light, suppository and enema with warm water, and it's Ass to Mouth, baby!!" member Jason asks the best way to seduce a woman. Savanna tells Jason: "Be confident. Be borderline bad and do not come across as needy or desperate. In fact, be the complete opposite and she will be pudding in your hands." Check out the higher-class swingers' sites to find other couples to share your fantasies and sexual exploits, she says. As for having sex with a porn star, Savanna reveals that her current boyfriend "stalked me for three years before he found me... and got me!" The biggest turnoff for her is a guy who tells her he's a big fan. "It's just that visual of you jerking off time and again to her that we don't want to think about. But do tell her how beautiful or sexy you always thought she was and how much better she looks in person; we love that shit!" she says. Savanna's latest Vivid movie is Savanna's Been Blackmaled-2.