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As the history of pop culture is written

it is likely that Vivid Entertainment will be forever linked

with Carrie Prejean, who reigned briefly as Miss California USA

until she was stripped of her title because of insensitive remarks about


The pairing of the two names began in

May 2009 when Carrie became a candidate to become Miss USA.


over her suitability erupted during the beauty pageant when she gave

a dismissive answer to a question about gay marriage. The pop culture

media had a field day with the story. Vivid reacted to the headlines

by offering her $1-million to star in a movie for the studio.

The offer created its own media storm, led with coverage by


Company Gives Carrie the Hard Sell; Porn Kings Trying to Release

Sex Tape;

Carrie to Vivid: I said No,


Then it was recently discovered that

Carrie had produced her own sex footage, sending TV reporters and bloggers

almost over the edge, with non-stop coverage and speculation.

Noting that ?we now know that Carrie is comfortable having sex before

the cameras,? Vivid co-chairman and founder Steven Hirsch renewed

his offer to her, raising a new storm of coverage.

Vivid then obtained the actual sex footage

made by Carrie and Steven Hirsch told the world that he was ready to

make a deal with her.

The flood of media coverage on this development

this time seemed unstoppable. Thousands of websites, hundreds of newspaper

gossip columns, and appearances by Steven appearing on, ?The

Insider,? ?Inside Edition,?

Show Biz Today/CNN and other programs became the norm.

Shauna Sand-Lamas, star of Vivid?s

Shauna Sand Exposed also decided to write to Carrie about her

own experience with Vivid and offered to talk to her one-on-one to help

her make up her mind.

When her letter was posted on it created a new

rush of coverage.

It seems the link between Carrie and

Vivid gets stronger by the minute.