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AJ BAILEY ROCKS NEW YORK CITY - AJ Bailey took Manhattan this week. The new Vivid Girl had a full agenda of media interviews during a whirlwind visit that was topped by a blow-out party at Rick's Cabaret, the #1 gentlemen's club in the Big Apple. AJ's first stop of a busy Thursday was an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Since AJ is known as the "World's Smartest Porn Star," Howard and the gang had a great time testing her. She was strapped naked in Stern's" tickle chair" and each time she answered a question correctly Howard would read her plugs (for her first Vivid movie, for, and to meet her at Rick's Cabaret). At every wrong answer she was tickled by Artie Lange, Gary and the gang. Fortunately, AJ really is smart and got most of the questions correct, so she received numerous plugs read by Howard, who eventually agreed that she is, in fact, the world's smartest porn star. It was classic Stern radio, and Howard was very generous with his plugs for Vivid. The segment is expected to become a full episode on "Howard TV," debuting in a few days. Rick's Cabaret was packed with people who turned up for the launch party for her first movie, The AJ Bailey Experiment. There were long lines of men and women waiting for her to sign the DVD of the movie, a trailer of which played on the multiple large-screens on the second floor of the midtown club across the street from the Empire State Building. Party goers got a chance to chat with AJ, who was dressed in a hot green bustier with short black skirt. She also posed for pictures taken by more than a dozen professional photographers who turned out for the party.

STEVEN HIRSCH QUOTED IN L.A. TIMES AHF STORY ? Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch was quoted on Thursday in a Los Angeles Times story about plans by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to file complaints today with state officials against 16 California-based adult production companies they say have violated workplace safety laws. The complaints are part of the AHF campaign "to pressure the porn industry and government regulators to do more to safeguard the health of adult-film performers." The newspaper notes: "Industry officials have downplayed the seriousness of the most recent HIV case, which appears to be isolated to one female performer. They argue that voluntary guidelines requiring monthly tests for sexually transmitted diseases and quarantines for anyone who tests positive have kept performers safe. ?The industry has done an admirable job of policing itself,' said Steve Hirsch, founder of Vivid Entertainment, adding that he does not believe the industry should be held to the same bodily fluid regulations as a hospital. ?If Los Angeles County chooses to enforce mandatory condoms, what you'll see is all adult production leave California. It will move to other places.'"


"SAVANNA ON SEX" GETS CANDID - Vivid Girl Savanna Samson really gets into it when she gives out sex advice in her "Savanna on Sex" column on In her latest column she helps out a "modern" couple (each spouse has a lover on the side) that has a vexing problem because she doesn't want to go to an orgy. (To break the ice, Savanna suggests he "could ask her to come and just watch as a voyeur. ") Another XCritic reader asks her about her best sexual experience out of all of them over the years and she candidly admits, "It's so rare for me to connect emotionally as so many of my sexual encounters are for the camera that when I get stimulated by the body's biggest erogenous zone, the brain, it is so much more intense." She also has a unique solution for the guy whose girlfriend is frustrated because it takes him a long time to orgasm: "Take cumming out of the equation. Let it just happen. Once it's not about the final result and about the moment then an orgasm is sure to happen. Try to feel every inch of your member and be in the moment. And if that doesn't work, have her stick her finger up your ass! Kisses!"