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Vivid Studio Insider for February 1st, 2008

Vivid Studio Insider for February 1st, 2008

VIVID GOES TO YALE - Vivid Entertainment will play a leading role in Sex Week at Yale 2008, February 11-18, during which the campus of the Ivy League University will talk about "love, sex, intimacy, and relationships." A press release from the university describes the SWAY event by saying, "On Yale's storied campus, populated by some of the brightest young men and women on the planet, many students still haven't figured out how to ask someone on a date. Others might even believe that coitus interruptus is a form of safe sex. This February, however, Sex Week at Yale comes to the rescue!" In doing so SWAY is calling upon "an all-star lineup" that includes Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Vivid Entertainment co-founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch , adult superstars and Vivid Girls Monique Alexander and Savanna Samson ," plus an array of personalities ranging from Ron Jeremy and to anti-porn crusader Craig Gross ." SWAY has declared Saturday, February 16th , as " Vivid Day ." The event " will mark the first time Sex Week at Yale has devoted a full day of the week to an adult entertainment company, Vivid. Vivid is the world's leading adult film company and is best known for its beautiful contract actresses, or Vivid Girls. Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch has been credited as almost single handedly moving the adult business into the mainstream." SWAY says the Vivid presence will help in its mission of "getting beyond the awkwardness, discomfort and taboo of conventional sex education programs and to get students talking about sex openly and realistically. SWAY presents these serious topics in an entertaining and provocative manner." It is the third SWAY, which its founders say "has become renowned as a collegiate awareness program for its ability to capture students' attention and willingness to tackle difficult issues head-on."

THE BUZZ ON JESSICA SIERRA TAPE - , the hot gossip site, continues its interest in Jessica Sierra and the just-released " Jessica Sierra Superstar " DVD from Vivid . Interviews with Sierra's sister and BFF were posted on this week and got wide play on the TMZ show syndicated to television stations around the country. The article about the interviews says, " If Jessica Sierra wants to stay sober, she'd better stay away from her old friends -- one of them told TMZ she'd do cocaine with the 'Idol' reject again in a second. TMZ talked to one of Sierra's sisters and one of her hometown buds -- who was with the now-pregnant Idol finalist the night she was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence. They had been busy spending money Jessica earned from Vivid Entertainment for her sex tape, "Jessica Sierra Superstar."

Sunny Leone Shows a New Side - Vivid Girl Sunny Leone says her first boy/girl film - " Sunny Loves Matt " - will show the world "a side of me that no one has seen before." She tells interviewer Kobiata in WordPress that "it's going to be a huge release for me and's going to pen many doors for me and I am so excited about this coming year." She also told Kobiata that she has received proposals to do Bollywood movies and she is "hoping that there is a Bollywood movie in my future." Sunny also reflected on the nature of the adult industry in general. "Sex is a part of everyone's life everyday. Sex has been exploited in every society so the American adult industry is no different than anywhere else except perhaps it's more sophisticated and more profitable. The adult industry has provided jobs to more than just the actors and actresses. It provides jobs for your next door neighbor who works in a factory making adult toys, graphic designers, programmers, photographers, and the list goes on I would say it contributes to society and to the economy more than the average person thinks it does." In a separate interview with AVN this week, Sunny told reporter Peter Warren, "I'm extremely excited about my future and what's going to be going on in the next year," she said. "It's going to be fun. It's going to be one of the most amazing years of my career."

XCRITIC.COM HAS RAVES FOR "CHEMISTRY 3" --'s chief critic Don Houston loves the " Chemistry 3: Special Edition " DVD. He looked at all 205:35 minutes of the DVD package and liked everything from the hubs that "held the discs on securely but not too tightly" to the innovative content. He called Tristan Taormino "certainly one of the more successful new directors at Vivid Entertainment these days; eschewing the formulaic style of porn scene for a duality of instructional videos and a true gonzo series worthy of your time called the Chemistry Series ." In the third installment in the "Chemistry" series, says Houston, Tristan has "found just how to capture the lightning in a bottle she has long been attempting to do...she really hit the mark hard and consistently, providing the kind of replay, stroke, and f*ck for the buck value that impressed me as something fitting of the young lady. Even forgetting her status as a famed author, the awards she has already won, and her intelligent lectures of all topics related to sexual practices, Tristan reminds me that she crafts the stage for the sex to take place more than directs, the final outcome a big, happy mess that so many of you will love...getting the real deal captured on video better than ever before, earning every bit of the Highly Recommended rating I gave it. Great job!"