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Vivid Studio Insider for December 7th, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for December 7th, 2007

VIVID-ALT "DEBBIE" EARNS AVN 5-STAR RATING - Eon McKai 's Vivid-Alt version of " Debbie Loves Dallas " has received a coveted 5 Star rating from AVN . Reviewer Eddie Adams says "McKai's 'alt' version of the 70s adult film classic might just be his best porn offering yet." He adds, "McKai's excellent re-envisioning of the classic is, in some ways, everything you might expect from hipsters who have as much appreciation for carnal perversions as they do artistic merit. The tone is ironic, the editing is slick, the music is great, and the art direction and cinematography are pretty much flawless." Adams also said that "the sex in the movie is just as hot as any gonzo flick out there...Dana DeArmond is a friggin' sex panther." He concludes, "this should now be the angel on top of that little porno Christmas tree."

AVN PROFILES DAVID PESKIN - Vivid's National Sales Manager David Peskin has been profiled by Peter Warren for AVN . David told the interviewer that one of his principal challenges is "to keep DVD sales, which is still our bread and butter; having the numbers be there and justify production costs, and then having the other revenue streams not cannibalize the DVD sales. It's a time where you really need to come up with innovative ways to stay ahead of what's happening in the marketplace. We want the retailer to succeed and we've come up with some new programs, and we're also close to being ready with a new program to give the retailer an online presence. And we'll be working that with the distributors, as well." Peskin also told AVN he is working to develop Vivid's VoD channels. "I've handled Vivid VoD for over fours years now and I'm confident that we truly have the most supportive programs for retailers when it comes to our VoD." Bottom line: "Diversifying our product offerings. Appealing not just to [couples], but also now appealing to niche audiences, which happen to be very sizable markets."

KIM'S VOICE MAIL MAKES THE ROUNDS - There has been plenty of buzz on the Internet lately after TMZ leaked Kim Kardashian 's bitter voicemail to Ray J. Dozens of gossip and celebrity sites have picked up the story, and most mention the newest Vivid Kardashian video, " Kim Kardashian Superstar 2 ". Stories about the tape have appeared on blogs and sites ranging from POPOnut Mag to Listholic.