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Vivid Studio Insider for November 16th, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for November 16th, 2007

KIM KARDASHIAN SUPERSTAR-2 GETTING BIG PLAY - The upcoming Vivid release of " Kim Kardashian Superstar Part Two " has gossip and entertainment columns and sites buzzing. "If you've been dying to see Kim Kardashian in action with her ex-boyfriend Ray J , you are in luck," was a line picked up by several celebrity sites in reporting that the uncut DVD arrives in stores Nov. 21.

The reports added that "Kardashian's sexy romp with Ray is being released 'with one hour of never-before-seen sex' on the internet by Vivid.

The popular blog " MediaBistro FishBowl LA " reported, "While E! is enjoying the success of Keeping Up with the Kardashians , Vivid Entertainment is enjoying even more of the ample charms of Kim K. The adult entertainment powerhouse has launched the Kim Kardashian Superstar website, which promises: over 60 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage including never-before-seen sex, just in time for Thanksgiving. Not everyone likes football." And " " adds, "the revamped website also includes a scandalous voicemail message from Kim to Ray J recorded just after Kardashian found out about the release of the sex tape. In the voicemail, an outraged Kardashian calls her ex-lover 'disgusting' and 'sick,' at first demanding that Ray J return her call and then insisting he never contact her again."

L.A. BUSINESS JOURNAL PROFILES STEVEN HIRSCH AS "FAMILY GUY" - Reporter Anne Riley-Katz this week profiled Vivid co-Chairman Steven Hirsch in the Los Angeles Business Journal . The profile is mostly Q & A, but it begins with this synopsis: Title: Chief executive, founder; Company: Vivid Entertainment Group ; Born: Lyndhurst, Ohio; 1961; Career Turning Point: Borrowing $20,000 to start his adult video company; Personal: Married, two children; Hobbies: Collecting presidential autographs and Bruce Springsteen memorabilia; spending time with his family. After dropping out of UCLA in his 20s, Steven Hirsch and his partner David James borrowed $20,000 to found Vivid Entertainment Group, an adult entertainment company, in 1984. It wasn't a world unfamiliar to Hirsch: His father, a former stockbroker, had moved the family from Ohio to Los Angeles to launch his own adult film company when Hirsch was a child. Today, Hirsch is a multimillionaire and Vivid is the biggest adult film studio in the world, with estimated revenue of more than $100 million. Hirsch is known for signing starlets such as Jenna Jameson to exclusive contracts. He has seen the industry grow from its seedy roots to its more mainstream position in today's world."

PAUL THOMAS GETS PHILOSOPHICAL WITH XBIZ -- Adult industry magazine XBIZ publishes a comprehensive profile and interview with Vivid Director Paul Thomas in its November issue, entitled " Director's Cut: Got it Made." Reporter Erik Jay points out that PT is the most award-winning director in the industry. She notes that "Thomas' radar works well, and the veteran director continues to track the latest industry trends in marketing communications as well as production technology. As he speaks he is at first distracted, then talkative, initial sighs and lapses being gradually replaced by anecdotes about sexual archetypes and old-time porn directors." Thomas shared some of his personal philosophy in the interview, including this: "I think the same rules (of storytelling) apply to porno as to any art form. If an art form - a gonzo flick or, God forbid, a Picasso painting - has that feeling of heart and originality, and the person who did it was in the moment, you notice it. It's all about whether or not you can feel authenticity in the work."