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Vivid Studio Insider for October 5th, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for October 5th, 2007

"EXPERT GUIDE TO ORAL SEX PART 2: FELLATIO," GOES ON SALE OCTOBER 11 TH -- The " Expert Guide to Oral Sex Part 2: Fellatio " DVD from Vivid-Ed director Tristan Taormino goes on sale nationwide on Thursday, October 11 th . It's written, produced and directed by the widely recognized sex education guru for Vivid Entertainment . The classroom-within-a-movie follows her highly successful " Expert Guide to Oral Sex Part 1: Cunnilingus " and her first title from Vivid-Ed, " Expert Guide to Anal Sex ." Says Tristan: "I am really proud of the Vivid-Ed fellatio movie because we cover some topics that haven't been addressed in other sex-ed features, specifically, techniques for uncircumcised penises and how to incorporate prostate stimulation into oral sex. As with all the Vivid-Ed titles, we show you very explicit techniques in the movie." "This is not your father's 'bj' movie, that's for sure," says Vivid sales manager David Peskin . "Tristan's vision is exciting and the way she incorporates educational footage and hard core footage, where the viewer has the option to watch with or without instruction, is unique. Her anal sex and cunnilingus titles did very well for us, and I am certain this one will, too." The movie was shot in high-definition and is DVD ROM compatible with no regional coding. Included are behind-the-scenes features, cast interviews, previews and exclusive mini-features, along with motion menus, scene and chapter selection.

VIVID-ALT HOLDS HOLLYWOOD RELEASE PARTY FOR "DEBBIE LOVES DALLAS" -- The official release party for the Vivid-Alt title " Debbie Loves Dallas " was held October 5 th at "Miss Kitty's" at the Dragonfly Nightclub in Hollywood . Vivid-Alt starlets Dana DeArmond and Charlotte Stokely hosted the party for the alt-porn version of the pop culture adult classic " Debbie Does Dallas ." Head of Vivid-Alt and founder of the alt porn movement, Eon McKai , joined in the fun and the cast posted for photos and signed autographs throughout the night. The party was open to the public, and fans eagerly snapped up giveaways from Vivid-Alt including copies of "Debbie Loves Dallas." Eon calls it the "perfect date movie...not shown at the multiplex." During the weekend Eon was among the featured speakers at the Arse Elektronika Festival at's Porn Palace in San Francisco . With a number of live performances, speakers and parties, the annual festival explored the links between technology, art and human sexuality. "The event doesn't really have too many people from the mainstream porn industry, so it's a big honor," McKai told AVN before the festival.

FLESHBOT IS INTO CHEMISTRY-3 - The reviewer at doesn't give away any of the secrets of Tristan Taormino 's Chemistry-3 " in his report on the site. " You'll have to wait 'til 'Chemistry 3' hits the shelves to see just how smart, deep, funny and/or crazy things get (not to mention what that Perv Cam managed to capture), but in the meantime" he invites them to an online preview. "This is definitely one chemistry experiment you don't need a lab partner to get through. (Though we guess it wouldn't hurt.)," he writes, adding that "there's a good reason why the delightful Tristan Taormino 's "Chemistry" won Best Gonzo Release at the AVN Awards last year: there aren't many porn flicks out there that manage to combine reality-style cinema verité with a keen eye towards relationship dynamics and plenty of good old-fashioned hot fucking. (And the fact that her cast invariably seems to be having as good a time f***ing each other as we do watching them f*** has a lot to do with it as well.)"

DVD TALK'S NEWEST "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" VIVID FLICKS - The most recent update of the DVD Talk site includes two "highly recommended" reviews of Vivid features. Reviewer Ravyn says the new Chuck Lords -directed " The Houseboat " starring Brea Lynn may make "porn star history...because there has not been a blonde beauty like this former Penthouse Pet in years. Get ready. Brea Lynn will float your boat." She goes on to say, "The Houseboat has a lot going for it including a touch of romance, which is seldom found in porn. As a couples movie I would have to Highly Recommend it. All the scenes and the performers put their best foot forward to make it work for Chuck Lords." DVD Talk reviewer The Mooninite highly recommends "quirky sexy pop-art porno "Debbie Loves Dallas'" from Vivid-Alt director Eon McKai. The Mooninite says it is " one of McKai's most interesting and one of his sexiest movies to date...combining hot girls, hot sex, an eclectic and effective soundtrack and some great visuals to create a wholly unique and entertaining experience in smut."