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Vivid Studio Insider for September 21st, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for September 21st, 2007

EVERYONE LOVES "DEBBIE" (FROM VIVID-ALT, THAT IS) - "Debbie Loves Dallas," the Eon McKai Alt-Porn remake of the classic mainstream movie" " Debbie Does Dallas " is now in stores nationwide. It's available in Blu-ray as well as standard DVD. The movie has been getting consistently outstanding reviews in the trade. For example, the highly respected DVD Talk reviewer The Mooninite said it was "an interesting and playfully sexy hardcore romp through one girl's quest to f*** a rock star...a candy coated hardcore pop-culture soufflé." AVN's Eddie Adams interviewed Eon prior to the release (Eon is quoted as saying he had just seen the Blu-Ray version "and it's pretty insane...This is the perfect date movie, except you won't find it at your local multiplex.") Adams notes that a soundtrack of "Debbie Loves Dallas" included as a bonus disc with the DVD features the groups Driver of the Year, Hank IV, All Will Fall, Popikok and All Good Funk Alliance, plus an original song and video by the movie band Dallas.

ABC RADIO COVERS "MAINSTREAMING OF ADULT" - A story by correspondent- Alex Stone about the mainstreaming of adult ran on the ABC Network Radio ran last week. Vivid's Steven Hirsch was interviewed for the story. In reference to adult content on mobile phones, Steven said "people like to download a clip and send it to a friend to check out this girl...(but) we don't know how this is going to play out; the next few years are going to tell the story." Stone's segment sparked additional coverage of the topic by some of the ABC affiliates around the country. For example, the network's Denver affiliate did an hour on the topic. Look for the story soon on the web site.

THE SWISS COVER VIVID - The respected Swiss business publication " Bilan " has published a five-page article on changes in the adult industry's internet marketing programs and revenues. The article by U.S.-based reporter Katja Schaer focuses strongly on Vivid Entertainment and quotes Steven Hirsch extensively. Steven tells the magazine, "technological advances have completely revolutionized the adult industry." He says that adult companies will need to be creative to continue to be profitable with their Internet activities in order to serve essentially three types of consumers of adult material on the web: "Those individuals who want to see films only, those who want to have some sort of interaction with the actresses, and those who want some kind of interaction with other members of the public through relationship sites linking people with like interests." The article also features photos of Cassidey and from the set of the filming of "Debbie Does Dallas...Again."