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Vivid Studio Insider for May 4th, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for May 4th, 2007

NEW VIDEO "STARRING" VH1 REALITY TV COMPETITOR JENNIFER "TOASTEE" TOOF -- Vivid Entertainment has obtained a video featuring 40 minutes of explicit sex "starring" television personality Jennifer " Toastee " Toof. It will be released as a feature DVD and online movie titled " Toastee Exposed ." "Toastee" achieved celebrity as a competitor on the popular VH1 reality television show " Flavor of Love 2 ," in which she vied for the affections of rap artist Flavor Flav . She was bounced from the

program after it was discovered that she had done nude modeling and appeared in a porn movie under the stage name " Natalia the Scissor Vixen " - known for clamping men's heads between her thighs. "Toastee Exposed" will be released on Wednesday, May 16th . A free preview is available at .

"Toastee is cute, energetic and a talented contortionist," says Steven Hirsch , co-chairman of Vivid. "I think her enthusiasm for sex is obvious."

SOME ADVICE FROM MARCI FOR THE "PLAYGIRL" - Vivid Vice President Marci Hirsch is one of the three "leading female executives" in the adult industry featured in the current issue of Playgirl magazine. In an interview with writer Joanne Cachapero Marci shares some of the candid counsel she gives to women who are thinking of becoming adult performers. "I think the girls are more open about what they do now. I don't know any of our girls that are at all ashamed-and they shouldn't be. If you're going to be ashamed of what you're doing, then you probably shouldn't be doing it. And we tell them that. When we sign new girls, we give them the good and bad." Marci also says that adult is not the career for someone who is not willing to work hard at it. "You have to be willing to push yourself and work, and you have to know what your goals are," she tells Playgirl .

VIVID SPONSORS "BIKE NIGHT" MAY 7th - Vivid Entertainment will sponsor "Bike Night" on Monday, May 7th at Harper's Sports Bar (19333 Business Center Drive) in Northridge , California . Vivid Girl Lanny Barby will host the evening's festivities, which will include raffles, giveaways, a tattoo contest, and of course, a wet T-shirt competition. Prizes will be awarded for Best Bike and Best Hot Rod. It's the latest in a series of hugely popular "Bike Night" events featuring the Vivid Girls at Harper's.

VIVID-ALT ROCK'S IN BALTIMORE AND L.A . -- Vivid-Alt head Eon McKai and one of his star performers, Dana DeArmond , were a big draw at The Sound Garden in Baltimore last week. "These two bring the people out," said store manager, Brian Burkert . "Take a look at our best sellers for the past week and you can see what we mean."

He was referring to sales of DeArmond's latest Vivid-Alt release, Dana DeArmond Does the Internet and Eon's Girls Lie , both of which held their ground against movies like The Last King of Scotland and Casino Royale . The morning of the in-store, the alt-porn duo also appeared on Baltimore 's #1 rock station, 98Rock for an on-air interview. Next week, Eon appears at The Silver Lake Film Festival in Los Angeles, along with Vivid-Alt directors Vena Virago and Octavio Winkytiki . They'll participate on the "Porn Panel" at the festival. Clip reels chosen by each director will be screened on Saturday, May 5th at Los Feliz 3 (1822 Vermont Ave. / 323-664-2169) starting at midnight for those 18 and older. Silver Lake Film Festival has provided a showcase for independent films and filmmakers in the Los Angeles area since 2000. The festival will take place May 3rd -12th, 2007; for further information visit .