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Vivid Studio Insider for March 2, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for March 2, 2007

VIVID TEMPORARILY HALT DISTRIBUTION OF KARDASHIAN VIDEO -- Vivid Entertainment has put distribution of the " Kim Kardashian Superstar " DVD on temporary hold. Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch said he is trying to arrange a meeting with Ms. Kardashian, star of the notorious video, and her then-boyfriend Ray J. For her part, she filed a suit to block its distribution. Steven said in a press release last week: "We remain very confident that we have the legal right to distribute this video, but we feel it is most important that we have an opportunity to meet with Ms. Kardashian as soon as possible. We have reached out to her to try to set up a meeting."

DVD TALK GIVES "CHEMISTRY 2" A RAVE - DVD Talk "highly recommends" the new Tristan Taormino film, "Chemistry 2." Reviewer Geoffrey Kleinman says "I was as big a proponent of the initial volume as any of the online critic reviewers and I know for a fact that a number of heads turned at the (AVN) awards show this year when it won against all odds (and some mighty fine efforts in gonzo) to pick up the best gonzo title. The double takes by seasoned professionals alone were worth the price of admission to the show so what about the follow-up volume, shot a few days after the original? Well, to say that it was more of the same would be to betray the originality of the series; it was still different than most porn available on the market and it was still very fun to watch, with an all new cast of performers allowed the same freedoms as the first one had."

THE POLES AND PORTUGUESE GET A TASTE OF VIVID - Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch was interviewed last week on Polish TV . The interview will be translated and Steven will appear on an upcoming broadcast of the program about the United States . The Polish television crew also visited a Vivid production set for additional footage. Steven also has an interview scheduled with Expresso , the largest newspaper in Portugal , which plans a major feature on the company.

SUNNY LEONE WAKES UP "THE MORNING STIFFY" - Vivid Girl Sunny Leone was interviewed last week on popular Southern California radio program " The Morning Stiffy Show ." The broadcast is heard on KCAL-FM . Sunny talked about her starring role in the top-selling DVD " The Female Gardener " - where the theme is "Don't fool around with the hired least not so as to get caught." KCAL also held a week long promotion of "The Female Gardener."