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Vivid Studio Insider for February 16, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for February 16, 2007

KIM KARDASHIAN/RAYJ VIDEO SPLASH CONTINUES - Vivid's decision to release a sex video made by Hollywood socialite/model/entrepreneur Kim Kardashian and her former boyfriend, indie-hip hop artist Ray J continues to fascinate gossip columnists around the world. Adding fuel to the blaze of publicity surrounding the video is word from Ms. Kardashian that she might sue to stop its release. Dozens of newspapers, online entertainment and gossip sites, wire services, TV shows, web blogs and celebrity magazines hopped on this angle. Most also quoted Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch re-affirming that Vivid feels comfortable with its legal right to release the video. Titled " Kim Kardashian Superstar , " the DVD is scheduled to be in stores soon. In the meantime, viewers can get a peak at a clip on . Once the DVD is on store shelves the movie will also be available at that site or on It and will include additional footage not on the DVD.

SAVANNA IS FAIR GAME - Vivid Girl Savanna Samson was interviewed on the Faith Salie Fair Game radio show heard nationally. She talked about being an adult actress in the age of high definition video. Fair Game on PRI with Faith Salie is a new satirical news and entertainment program distributed nationally on Public Radio International in major markets. The show covers the important stories of the day and uses humor to tease out what it all means. Separately, Savanna's February sex advice column is now available on . It's a particularly hot column and in it she discusses her true feelings about anal sex, introduction of sex toys into a relationship, a housewife's first foray into double-penetration and spanking during sex.

STEVEN HIRSCH IN L.A. TIMES AND ON CNN RADIO - Vivid continues to attract attention from reporters who want to cover the company's decision to produce " Debbie Does Dallas?Again " in both HD DVD and BluRay . The Los Angeles Times is the latest major publication to write on the subject and feature a big photo of Vivid's film editors at work. Reporters Joseph Menn and Dawn Chmielewski titled their story: " Porn studios quietly courted; It's all hush-hush as backers of HD DVD and Blu-ray formats vie for the industry's attention." Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch is quoted in the story, which begins : " As the opposing camps pushing the next generation of DVDs try to win audiences, they are furtively pursuing the affections of the multibillion-dollar porn industry....Since the advent of home video, adult entertainment has played a key role in the adoption of new consumer technology. Porn companies, for instance, helped VHS trump Betamax in the '70s. More recently, they began streaming online video long before television networks. So backers of the rival - and incompatible - HD DVD and Blu-ray formats are trying to entice porn producers to adopt their respective technologies." The CNN story aired on February 15 th and was also streamed on the website and to the network's podcast system.

THE BELGIANS GET A VIVID TASTE - Vivid is featured in an article in the current issue of the Belgian business magazine, Vacature. With a dramatic layout, the magazine covered the adult industry in the United States from a multitude of angels, but the focus of the article by Anne-Marie Cordia is on Vivid, who opens her piece with a detailed description of Vivid's Los Angeles headquarters and an extensive interview with co-chairman Steven Hirsch . She reports on how Vivid has influenced the adult industry and how it has been able "to connect to a more mainstream audience, including couples, by offering professionally made films, high quality production, photos and packaging." Delves into subjects such as the increasing acceptance of adult entertainment "Who doesn't know Jenna Jameson ?" she asks.

The piece also includes a separate interview with Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan , which focuses on the job of being an adult film actress and why she became one, and how her family and friends feel about it."