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Vivid Studio Insider for January 26, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for January 26, 2007

SUNRISE ON "HARDCORE SPORTS RADIO" - Vivid Girl Sunrise Adams appeared this week on " Hardcore Sports Radio ," a Sirius Radio program. Sunrise, who is an active jock herself, talked about her career with Vivid and her own athletic background including the time she was a quarterback on her high school football team back home in Texas.

ADULT HD CONTINUES TO ATTRACT MAINSTREAM ATTENTION - The question of whether adult entertainment studios will choose HD-DVD or Blu-Ray continues to rivet the attention of mainstream technical and entertainment reporters. Dozens of stories on the topics appeared again last week, most of them mentioning that Vivid alone will be distributing in both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. The Wall Street Journal reported that "the adult-entertainment companies may be on the brink of a breakthrough." Vivid Entertainment LLC' s co-chairman and co-chief executive, Steven Hirsch , says that after months of searching, he finally has found a replicator that will crank out adult movies in Blu-ray, although he won't say which company. In March, he plans to release what he anticipates will be the first adult movie in both Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats: " Debbie Does Dallas... Again ." The other issue deals with the exceptionally high quality of the images people see in HD. One report, in PC Advisor , quoted Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan as saying, "We're all terrified. I want to be a fantasy. I don't want to show flaws." The same report quotes Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson as saying, "I think HD is good from a fan's perspective because it puts everything so beautifully. But from a woman's perspective, we hate it because you can see every little piece of our body."

SAVANNA QUOTED IN NEW YORK TIMES - Vivid Girl Savanna Samson was quoted this week in her home town newspaper - The New York Times , which did its own story on the possible downside of exceptionally high quality HD television. The Times' story was headlined "In Raw World of Sex Movies, High Definition Could Be a View Too Real." Noting that the technology makes the experience more intimate" The Times added: "That's not necessarily good, said Savanna Samson, an actress who last December directed her first movie, ' Any Way You Want Me. ' During a scene in which she played a desperate housewife, she ran into a problem: the high-definition camera revealed she had a tiny ill-placed pimple." Savanna said the problem was easily solved: she just changed the camera angle.