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Vivid Studio Insider for January 5th, 2007

Vivid Studio Insider for January 5th, 2007

PARTY ON WITH VIVID-ALT - Vivid-Alt hosted a party for its two latest releases -- Girls Lie and Dana DeArmond Does the Internet ( D3TI ) - on Thursday at the Beauty Bar in Hollywood . Dana joined Vivid-Alt actress Charlotte Stokely in greeting guests, along with Eon McKai , who directed Girls Lie and heads up Vivid-Alt. He created the event as a chance to relax in a time of frenzied excitement for the year-old production company. Said Eon: ? Dana DeArmond Does the Internet just shipped really strong and we didn't really have time to formally celebrate Girls Lie because it premiered in Berlin . This will be a chance for us to really stand back and celebrate before we go off to AEE.? The party was free and open to the public and featured giveaways from Vivid Alt and Pleasures on Melrose , the Los Angeles adult store, where Vivid-Alt will do signings in the future.

SAVANNA OFFERS VERY HELPFUL SEX ADVICE FOR AFF MAGAZINE -- The first sex advice column by Vivid Girl Savanna Samson for the magazine of intimate dating site has been posted. Members of the #1 intimate dating site will get a chance to see pleasure guidance as it's never been offered before. Savanna pulls no punches as she tells her readers how women can ?squirt? when having an orgasm, whether or not to allow a vibrator into a relationship, and what she thinks about boyfriends who are bi-curious. After giving a detailed explanation of the best position couples should assume to achieve female squirting she adds a grace note about added value: ?This position will also give you both a great view of the explosion!? Savanna admits to personal bi-curiosity, observing: ?In fact it was quite a turn on for me. We are all sexual beings and the more open about your fantasies and curiosities the better lover you will be.? To a question about Tantric sex she replies: ?Well, I suppose Tantric sex could technically last for days but I for one certainly don't have days to dedicate to trying but I can tell you it is a beautiful way to become one with your partner and achieve the greatest, most intense orgasm of your life. On my next vacation I will see how long it can last!?