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Vivid Studio Insider for December 08, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for December 08, 2006

KAYDEN KROSS: FROM BOOKWORM TO HOT HORNET - That's the headline of an article in a recent issue of "The State Hornet ," the student newspaper at Sacramento State College that features new Vivid Girl Kayden Kross. Reporter Cody Kitaura interviewed Kayden - a senior at Sacramento State - right after she shot her first movie with Vivid. He begins his story: "As multiple cameras focus in on her performance, the bright lights glisten off her smooth legs, catching her eye." Kayden told the reporter that psychology and philosophy classes she took contributed to her new occupation by getting her to question her assumptions and "see things a little differently." Said Kayden: "I kinda got into it just because I wanted to buy a pony that was going to go off to slaughter, and I needed the extra cash. And then I really liked it, so I stuck with it." Kitaura writes: "She picked a good place to start. Vivid Entertainment Group , the privately-owned corporate parent of Vivid Video."

TRISTAN BIZZARE TURN -- Vivid director Tristan Taormino sat down for an in-depth interview with writer Chris Nieratko recently and the results are now up on the U.K. website, with the magazine to follow on newsstands shortly. They talked about a wide range of subjects, with a good deal of the focus on Tristan's specialty - anal sex, which she has written about extensively and taught about throughout the world. Tristan also discussed her personal limits in terms of adult filmmaking and why she decided to begin making films again, this time with Vivid. "Part of the reason I felt inspired to come back to porn and direct this new series was because I really like gonzo as a genre, and I love the idea of people being themselves and capturing the rawness of pure sex. " She says she wanted to create a new genre of gonzo films that improves on what she feels is "the dominant model for gonzo right now ? crazy circus stunts and this horrible degradation. There are plenty of people who get turned off because they think that's what gonzo's all about ... I'm not against dominance and submission, but it's become a clich? and that's an issue." She told that the second of her eight-film series with Vivid will be out in January '07.

VIVID AND VIVID-DISTRIBUTED COMPANIES DO WELL IN DVD TALK REVIEWS - The newest batch of authoritative reviews from DVD Talk has been published, with three Vivid and Vivid-distributed companies getting raves. Winning a coveted "Highly Recommended" nod was "How Far Will You Go?" starring Vivid Girl Monique Alexander. Vivid Girl Tera Patrick's new film, "Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground" also got a "Highly Recommended" review, as did the ClubJenna film, "Brea's Crowning Glory." The reviews are compiled by Geoffrey Kleinman, Editor of