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TRISTAN’S NYC LAUNCH PARTY A HOT TICKET -- The launch party for Tristan Taormino’s first Vivid film, “Chemistry,” is a hot ticket in New York City. The party is scheduled for October 5th at an “in” Greenwich Village nightclub. Interest in the party skyrocketed after The New York Post carried a story with the banner headline: “V” Novelist’s XXX Movie Kin.” The Page Six article noted that Thomas Pynchon, “the legendarily reclusive author of such celebrated novels as ‘V,’ ‘Gravity's Rainbow’ and ‘The Crying of Lot 49,’ has a XXX-rated skeleton in the family closet - his brainy niece stars in and directs hard-core porn flicks.” The article gives a brief bio of Tristan (“privileged upbringing” on Long Island, Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Wesleyan) and notes that “this week the dark-haired beauty is set to release her first Vivid Video effort, ‘Chemistry,’ in which seven porn stars are "left to their own devices for two days and told nothing is off limits and use ‘perv cams’ to film each other performing sex acts.” Interviewed for the article, Tristan told Page Six. She is inviting her uncle to take part in her next movie - although not as a performer. "I think it would be fascinating for him do commentary on the next one."

SEASON’S VIVID BIKE & HOT ROD NIGHT OCT. 11TH -- Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan is the hostess for the final 2006 Vivid Bike and Hot Rod Night at Harper’s Sports Bar and Grill (19333 Business Center Drive) in Northridge, California, on October 11th. Other Vivid Girls are expected to make surprise appearances along with Stefani at the monthly event, which has drawn increasingly large crowds since its launch at the beginning of the summer. There will be contests, cash prizes, raffles, drink specials and Vivid product giveaways. “Don’t miss it,” says Stefani. “No matter what the weather I guarantee this one will be hot.”