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Vivid Studio Insider for September 22, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for September 22, 2006

VIVID TO DO THREE NEW BOOKS WITH REGANBOOKS -- Vivid Entertainment will create three new titles for ReganBooks, the popular publishing imprint. The new books follow up on the success of How to Have a XXX Sex Life: the Ultimate Vivid Guide, published in hardcover in 2004 by ReganBooks and now available in paperback. The first book featured sexual secrets of the Vivid Girls, directors and male adult film stars. The new titles will also have “how to…” themes and will have interactive aspects to them. The first book is scheduled to be released in August 2007. ReganBooks’ Senior Editor Doug Grad says, “The next three books will reflect the remarkable company behind them, which has been recognized as almost single-handedly bringing adult entertainment into mainstream.”

TRISTAN’S “CHEMISTRY” NOW IN STORES -- The first Vivid film directed by Tristan Taormino – Chemistry – will be stores nationwide starting September 27. Chemistry is described as bold and sexually experimental, asking viewers to imagine an uncensored, intimate look at seven stars that are left to their own devices for two days and told nothing is off limits. Everything they do is caught on camera and the viewer gets unique perspectives as the actors film each other with their own “perv cams.” Says Tristan: “Not only will the sex scenes surprise people, but the stars revealed some very personal things in the confessional.” The movie also features music by indie bands Goodfinger and Boxelder and the DVD contains more than an hour of bonus material including additional sex scenes.

VIVID MEDIA APPEARANCES -- Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch was interviewed last week for an upcoming VH-1 special about the sex lives of celebrities. He will also be interviewed next week for a PBS show on peoples’ fascination with blondes. Other upcoming Vivid media appearances include an interview of Vivid-alt chief Eon McKai in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone. Vivid Girl Tiffany Taylor has an interview currently on, and will also be featured in an upcoming issue of the London Locked magazine.