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Vivid Studio Insider for September 15, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for September 15, 2006

AN “INSANELY HOT” TIFFANY TAYLOR TALKS TO FLESHBOT.COM -- The first thing Vivid Girl Tiffany Taylor thinks about when she wakes up is sex, she tells in an interview posted this week. She shows herself to be a very determined young woman whose personal motto is: “Don’t wish for it; work for it!” Tiffany reveals that she keeps in shape by eating yogurt and fruit, swimming and jumping rope, but her secret sin is splurging on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Asked the hypothetical question about what she would rescue if her house caught on fire, she responds: “Dolce, my dog ... and then my purse!” And, here’s how Tiffany would promote herself if she was to create an ad on a personals site: “First I'd post a really hot naked picture of me and under that I'd write ‘Hey sexy bitches, call me and you won't be disappointed.’ C'mon, if that doesn't get some attention I don’t know what would!”

VIRTUAL VIVID GIRL SUNNY LEONE IN THE SPOTLIGHT -- The website DVD Talk this week covers Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone as its Spotlight Title. In its Blue Room section, DVDT says the new title is part of Vivid’s new moves toward “mixing things up with a host of new contract hotties and some new attempts at showing the world how things should be done.” DVDT applauds “the choice to start the series using the incredibly sexy and frisky Sunny Leone” and notes that she is “head and shoulders above many who have been so showcased previously by others.” The reviewer adds that “the sheer magnitude of the release seemed designed to win awards all over the place thanks to extreme levels of f*ck for the buck.” The article concludes by saying the Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone “DVD set was clearly this year's flagship title by Vivid and one of their best efforts in a very long time.”

KRIST SORGE WINS VIVID-ALT/ FLESHBOT CONTEST -- The winner of the Vivid-Alt/ “So You Want to be a Porn Star” contest was Krist Sorge. He was flown last week from New York to L.A. to meet the Vivid-Alt team and get a non-sex part in the upcoming movie EastSide Story. Here’s how reported Sorge’s experience: “The Fleshbot and Vivid-Alt ‘So You Want To Be A Pornstar’ contest is over and you have not won it. (Unless your name is Krist Sorge, and what is the likelihood of that happening?) For it was Krist, putting words in his dying grandfather's mouth, who won a free trip to Los Angeles, a personal L.A. chauffeur via real-keeping-it Eon McKai, a walk-on part in cockumentarian Vena Virago's East Side Story, and a platonic all-over-body drape and spumoni date with Dana DeArmond, the Internet's Girlfriend.” Sorge, a TV commercial casting director, won with a fictionalized essay about his grandfather’s last wish … that his grandson would be in or witness a porn movie being made. Fiction or not, Sorge’s wish came true.