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Vivid Studio Insider for June 9, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for June 9, 2006

CASSIDEY PACKS THEM IN AT BIKE & HOT ROD NIGHT -- Vivid Girl Cassidey drew the largest crowd to date when she hosted the third Bike & Hot Rod Night with the Stars last Monday at Harper's Sports Bar in Northridge, California. Cassidey did a stand-up routine during the event and had the whole crowd laughing. She also signed copies of photos and Vivid DVD samplers. Throughout the evening she posed for pictures with fans on their motorcycles or the hoods of their hot rods. The busy Cassidey judged Best Tattoo, Best Bike and Best Hot Rod contests and presented raffle prizes, some of which included her own DVDs plus t-shirts and cigars. Vivid Sales Manager Howard Levine told AVN afterwards, "This event seems like it's growing by leaps and bounds. There were more bikes than ever, and we expect it will get bigger from here." The next event is scheduled for July 10 and will include a wet t-shirt contest. Cassidey will once again appear, along with two other Vivid Girls to be named later.

VIVID IN PRINT AND ON TV -- Vivid plays a key role in a feature story in the current issue of Business Week magazine about the adult entertainment industry battling DVD and Internet image piracy. Vivid is identified as one of the industry’s largest studios, with a stable of hot “heavenly marketed” stars. The story by reporter Ron Grover notes: “And just like Hollywood, the porn industry has no way of pinpointing its losses. ‘We lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions, a year to pirates. We just don't know,’ laments Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment Group.” Grover also reports that “with DVD sales for all movies now in the midst of a protracted slowdown, adult entertainment companies are more eager than ever to find new -- and safe -- technologies to spur business. Vivid offers downloads of movies from its company site to Apple Computer Inc.'s iPods…and is the first studio to let users make their own DVDs. By contrast, Hollywood blocks viewers from moving flicks beyond PC hard drives. Vivid insists, however, that the download site, CinemaNow Inc., use newly upgraded software from a German firm to enhance protection,” Steven Hirsch was also interviewed for a story on CNBC’s "On the Money" program on Friday about "how well the adult industry is doing." CNBC shot the interview at the Vivid offices in California. The on-air interviewer was Mark Potter.

PAGE SIX SPOTS VIVID GIRL SAVANNA SAMSON’S NEW WINE -- The New York Post’s Page 6 carried an exclusive gossip item this week that began: “Porn star Savanna Samson, who won acclaim by the critics for her uh, full-bodied red wine, Sogno Uno, will introduce a white wine called Sogno Due at a private party in New York next week.” The item mentioned that Vivid Girl Savanna “wowed the snobby wine crowd when eminent wine evalutor Robert M. Parker judged (her first wine), which is available at four-star restaurants, as outstanding. Now, she's unveiling her white blend at the HBO premiere of the porn documentary, "Thinking XXX" at the Hotel Rivington next Wednesday. We hope she lets the wine breathe heavily before serving it.”