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Vivid Studio Insider for May 19, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for May 19, 2006

VIVID GIRL SAVANNA SAMSON FEATURED IN VANITY FAIR ITALY -- The current issue of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair magazine features a sexy pictorial and in depth interview with Vivid Girl Savanna Samson. A television program that covered her photo session by famed fashion photographer Andrew Eccles has already aired on Sky TV Europe. Savanna revealed that from the very start her goal was to become one of the adult industry’s top stars. But in addition to her XXX live, she has also started a new wine business and her own film production company. “I am very proud of my work in the adult industry, especially being a Vivid Girl, and producing my very own wine is something that my family can also be proud of. It’s just the beginning for my wine company and now I’m working on Sogno Due (Dream Two), a white wine which I’m very excited about,” Savanna told the magazine.

STEVEN HIRSCH ON YOUR WORLD WITH NEIL CAVUTO -- Steven Hirsch, co-founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment was interviewed by guest host David Asman last week for a segment of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto titled "Porn to Run." It was just one example of the on-going coverage of Vivid’s Burn to DVD technology breakthrough. Vivid Burn to DVD, a service that enables viewers to download the studio’s popular adult films directly and burn a personal DVD copy on a home computer. Vivid co-chairman Bill Asher was interviewed by NPR’s Laura Sydell for All Things Considered. Her segment began: “The image of a potential moviegoer downloading full-length movies from the Internet and burning them to a DVD is one that gives many Hollywood studio chiefs fits. But for executives in the adult-movie industry, the process is the key to a new business model. Vivid Entertainment, one of the largest producers of adult entertainment in the United States, will let its customers burn DVDs of its content right off the Web. It's about making it easy for the customer, says Vivid's Co-Chair Bill Asher. ‘Whether you're running a restaurant or you're selling adult content,’ Asher said, ‘the experience needs to be as enjoyable as possible.’" Most of the coverage focused on the fact that the adult industry is once again ahead of other entertainment sectors in deploying new technology that is expected to become widely used within a few years.

VIVID TEAMS UP WITH ICRA -- Vivid Entertainment has announced it will support the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) by adopting self-regulatory labeling and other steps to prevent access by children to online adult entertainment. Vivid will use ICRA’s self labeling technology on all Vivid Web sites, and will carry an ICRA label on its Web pages that contain the new, downloadable Burn to DVD movies. ICRA is a non-profit organization that exists to protect children from potentially objectionable material while preserving free speech on the Internet. “We are taking this step to back the ICRA effort to protect kids from unwanted exposure to online material intended for viewing by adults only,” says Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment. “As an industry leader, Vivid takes seriously its responsibility to help provide tools that enable parents to monitor what is seen on home computers by their children. Our work with ICRA will label not just our Web site, but the Web pages that contain all downloadable content produced by our company.” Vivid also has agreed to participate in ICRA/Progress & Freedom Foundation-sponsored roundtable discussions on adult content rating in Brussels, Belgium June 14; Mr. Hirsch will be a panelist in a similar roundtable in New York City September 13, 2006.