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Vivid Studio Insider for May 5, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for May 5, 2006

STEFANI MORGAN IN FHM -- Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan is featured in a stunning six-page pictorial and interview in the June issue of FHM under the headline, “Tommy Lee can choose any woman he wants. He chooses Stefani Morgan.” Stefani tells her FHM interviewer: “More guys than girls ask me about Tommy in the bedroom. Everyone asks me, ‘So how’s the sex with Tommy?’ I have no complaints.” The magazine notes that “it’s not as if she’s lacking points of comparison. Since arriving in Los Angeles from her native Riverside, CA, two yeas ago, Stefani has counted among her conquests such tabloid regulars as Wilmer Valderrama, Jesse Metcalfe, JC Chasez and Rick Solomon. Oh yeah, and she also ditched modeling in favor of a career as an adult-film star with Vivid.” Of her career as a Vivid Girl she says, “I found something that I love, and I’m happy.”

COVER GIRL MONIQUE ALEXANDER -- Vivid Girl Monique Alexander is on the cover girl of Strip Las Vegas, the upscale magazine that covers the adult industry in Vegas. Along with a sultry headshot of Monique the cover features the headline: “Meet June Cover Girl Monique Alexander: Star of the New Movie To Die For.” The same issue of the magazine carries an ad for a “Sex,Strip and Rock n Roll” event May 18th at Rainbow Bar & Grill where partygoers can “Meet Vivid Contract Star Stefani Morgan,” with a picture of Stefani.

FEDERAL JUDGE TOSSES KARRINE STEFFANS TRO -- Federal Judge George Schiavelli has denied a request for a temporary restraining order by Karrine Steffans that sought to disrupt distribution of a new Vivid Entertainment DVD titled “Superhead.” Steffans is the hip hop music video feature artist known as “Superhead.” Ms. Steffans had requested a temporary restraining order against Vivid with regard to advertising and a box cover photo of her on the DVD, which Vivid released on April 21st. The DVD features her performing explicit sex scenes with famous adult actor Mr. Marcus that Vivid says clearly demonstrate the notorious sexual prowess for which she earned her nickname. Judge Schiavelli noted that Ms. Steffans had made an insufficient showing that she was likely to prevail on the merits of her case. Ms. Steffans’ underlying lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment Group and Vivid Entertainment LLC for a permanent injunction and money damages over the “Superhead” DVD remains pending before Judge Schiavelli.

STEVEN HIRSCH GOES TOE TO TOE ON DONNY DEUTSCH -- Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch was one of four guests who participated in a hot, live debate on “The BIG Idea with Donny Deutsch” on Tuesday night. One focal point of the exchange was a campaign by actor Steve Baldwin to try to shut down an adult video store in Westchester County, New York. Host Donny Deutsch reminded Baldwin of First Amendment protections and warned him he was headed down “a slippery slope” in trying to close the legal store. Steven Hirsch asked Baldwin “what is the benefit of you being out there as head of the morality troops?” The other issue on the program was whether Vivid had the right to shoot a film in a suburban Los Angeles neighborhood on Easter Sunday. Hirsch said that Vivid abides by all permitting rules and did “absolutely no production” work outside the rented home. Baldwin argued that just shooting an adult movie is wrong since it “destroys marriages and families.” An incredulous Deutsch asked him, “What are you talking about? Where do you get this stuff?”

VIVID ALT DIRECTORS STEPPING OUT -- Octavio Arizala (aka Winkytiki) and Dave Naz, who are directing films for the new Vivid Alt imprint from Vivid Entertainment Group, celebrated the release of their new books at a reception over the weekend at Clair Obscur Gallery in Hollywood. “Fresh” by Naz and “Modern Vixens” by Octavio feature lush, exotic photographs of the Southern California scene. The books are being published by Goliath Books. Naz’ first Vivid Alt film will be “Skater Girl” and the first from Octavio/Winkytiki is titled “Rebelle Rousers.” Eon McKai, who heads up the Vivid Alt imprint, was also in the spotlight over the weekend. McKai was one of the judges for the Drop Dead Gorgeous pageant at Beauty Bar in Hollywood along with Missy of the Suicide Girls and Tim Armstrong of Rancid. The Drop Dead Gorgeous contest was hosted by Kato Kailin, of the O.J. Simpson trial fame and currently on WB’s Eye for an Eye.