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Vivid Studio Insider for April 21, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for April 21, 2006

KARRINE CATCHES GOSSIP COLUMNS’ IMAGINATION --It didn’t take long for the gossip columnists to start writing about Karrine Steffans after Vivid Entertainment announced it will release “Superhead” a DVD in which she demonstrates her notorious sexual prowess. The DVD starring Mr. Marcus and the hip hop music video feature artist went on sale April 21st. Here’s how The New York Post Page Six handled the story in its Page Six section: “the hip-hop hoochie who blabbed about hooking up with practically every rapper on the planet in her tawdry best-seller, "Confessions of a Video Vixen" - has made the jump into porn.” Page Six went on to describe the video and recount some of Karrine’s exploits. Then The New York Daily News chimed in, reporting that Karrine “is furious over a piece of her freaky past that's been resurrected… Steffans admits she signed a release form when she went before the cameras with the porn player known as Mr. Marcus. Coverage of “Superhead” has also appeared on websites and broadcast media.

VIVID ‘BURN-TO-DVD’ ATTRACTS WORLDWIDE MEDIA ATTENTION -- The announcement by Vivid Entertainment that it has become the first film studio to enable viewers to burn its films onto a DVD and then watch them at home has attracted substantial media attention. A widely syndicated front-page story on April 19th in The Los Angeles Times was headlined: “Porn Industry Again in the Tech Forefront.” The Times story traces the history of adult industry technological advances that have now become mainstream staples. It quotes one expert, “the ability to deliver content over the Internet that can play in any DVD player is ‘the holy grail.’” The Times continues: “The Internet solves two of the porn industry's biggest challenges: distribution and privacy. Wal-Mart and Blockbuster Inc. won't sell porn. Nor do most customers relish the embarrassment of browsing in the back room of their local video store for porn. ‘Those are the two reasons we'll always be in the forefront,’ Vivid Co-Chairman Bill Asher said. ‘We have to.’” The Times also quotes Vivid Co-Chairman Steven Hirsch as saying, “With the Internet there is no distributor between you and the consumer, so you can keep a larger part of the revenue stream." Vivid’s move to a “Burn-to-DVD” strategy also attracted the attention of Reuters news agency, which distributed its story to newspapers and broadcasters and Internet sites worldwide. Reuters quoted Bill Asher as saying, “With this, we're giving users the ability to download and burn a movie. And not just a movie, but all the things that come along with a standard DVD, like menus, graphics, art."

TERA PATRICK ON STERN AND MAXIM RADIO -- Vivid Girl Tera Patrick appeared this week on The Howard Stern Show and Maxim Radio’s Covino and Rich this week. The in-studio interview between Patrick and Stern was broadcast on Sirius Radio’s Howard 100. They talked about her upcoming Teravision title Teradise Island, feature dance appearances, and other news. On Maxim Radio, Tera joined husband Evan Seinfeld to discuss the filming of VH1’s eight-week series “Super Group,” in which Seinfeld stars along side rockers Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach, Jason Bonham, and Scott Ian. Tera features prominently in many of the episodes. She was also invited to be the guest celebrity on two radio tours during which she did interviews with stations all around the country.