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Vivid Studio Insider for April 14, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for April 14, 2006

SAVANNA ON SNL APRIL 15th --Vivid Girl Savanna Samson will be on Saturday Night Live Saturday April 15th. She is one of the comediennes in a “Fun House” takeoff on the Disney classic “101 Dalmatians.” In the SNL version, it’s called “101 Fellations.” Savanna cavorts in the nude around male model Dante, doing her part to achieve the magic 101 number. “We’re nude in the skit but I’m told they will pixilated our private parts to avoid any censorship problem. It was great fun doing the segment. Everyone had a fun time and I can’t wait to see it on the air.”

MONIQUE HITS THE PROMO CIRCUIT -- Vivid Girl Monique Alexander has hit the media circuit to talk about her new Vivid movie “To Die For.” Monique is being interviewed on radio stations around the country, from California to Pennsylvania, as part of a promotional program for the new DVD. “To Die For” is the latest Paul Thomas directed Vivid film.

NAMC COVERS HOLLYWOOD TECH & VIVID -- The NAMC Newswire this week carried an extensive story on the entertainment industry technology developments under the headline “Hollywood Needs to Open Their Eyes.” Writer Louis Victor concludes that “only those companies that take their heads out of the sand and look at digital downloads as the future will benefit.” His story then goes on to say: “Now, let’s look at a company that took the bull by the horns and embraced the new technology and is reaping the rewards. The Adult Video Entertainment Leader and privately held Vivid Entertainment is currently offering their customer the opportunity to download movies from their web site and burn them on a DVD which can be played on their DVD player or computer. Once the consumer makes the purchase they own that copy and can play it where they please. They are using an encryption process that only allows purchasers to burn the movie to a DVD once and it cannot be copied.” NAMC Newswire covers news and information about private and publicly traded companies.

Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch also addressed the issue of digital rights when he appeared on CNBC’s “On the Money” last week to discuss Vivid’s new “Burn to DVD” technology.

TERA PATRICK GETS INKED on TLC -- Vivid Girl Tera Patrick and her husband, actor and musician Evan Seinfeld, appeared this week in an episode of the TLC channel Miami Ink show. The program is a reality based look into a South Beach tattoo shop. As Tera and Seinfeld got tattooed, they shared in their thoughts about their choice of artwork.