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Vivid Studio Insider for March 31, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for March 31, 2006

STEFANI POURS ON THE HOT SAUCE --Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan gave a candid interview with this week. After handling the standard array of questions about her personal life, she had a chance to put in a pitch for her newest Vivid film, “Rawhide.” “It comes out on April 5th! It's going to be awesome! Rawhide’ is kind of a video diary. I'm a waitress in a bar, and I giving my audience a peek at what kind of fun goes on at work.” Hot Sauce noted that Stefani “was recently in the news because she has been dating Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee. She also re-signed a three-year contract with Vivid Entertainment this month, which is the first, and only, adult company she has worked with. Prior to making adult films she was a popular mainstream model who also played the role of host on "Girls Gone Wild" infomercials.”

XBIZ PROFILES LACIE HEART -- New Vivid Girl Lacie Heart was profiled this week for by writer Joe Zigfield. Lacie is one of the new adult actresses who have “begun creating waves within the industry,” writes Zigfield. Lacie told of her first meeting with Direct Models agent Derek Hay, remembering that during the interview her confidence plummeted and “I seriously almost had a heart attack." Zigfield continued, “Of course she passed muster and rapidly became one of Direct Models' most sought-after starlets…Vivid signed her to a contract in January. Yet during her first month, she wasn't really sure what she wanted out of the business. ‘The more I did it, the more I wanted to stay in it,’ Heart says.“

SAVANNA UPDATE -- The international media continues its fascination with Vivid Girl Savanna Samson. Last week MSNBC ran a piece about Savanna and her new wine, Sogno Uno. On Thursday evening this week she appeared for 35 minutes on the CNBC program “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch,” for a segment called “Women, Sex & Power.” She was the centerpiece of the show, which featured five other high-powered women, psychologist Dr. Jen Berman, supermodels Carol Alt and Aisha Tyler, music industry figure Shenane Nugent and TV personality Melissa Rivers. As Vivid film images played in the background, the women held a spirited debate on whether women should use their sexuality to get ahead. “Any woman who does what she does and makes it work for herself should be celebrated,” said Savanna. Another article on her appeared on, with the catchy lead paragraph reading: “What happens when the Vatican meets a pornstar? Well, they end up making wine together... That's what happened when Savanna Samson, star of more than 24 porn flicks, used 'her skills' to produce a critically acclaimed wine.” Geraldo Rivera ran a feature on Savanna and she appeared on the Fox News program “Dayside.” She also was interviewed by Reuters TV, the international news agency; German Television Sat. 1 planned a five-minute feature story about her new wine and asked for clips from "The New Devil in Miss Jones" and "The Masseuse."