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Vivid Studio Insider for February 17, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for February 17, 2006

SAVANNA TAKES THE IVY LEAGUE -- “The men of Yale simply cannot resist the charms of Savanna Samson.” So says the Yale Daily News (February 10) in a nearly full-page interview entitled “Porn Star Lets It All Out, In…” Writer David Sadighian begins his article with this comment: “With the release of her latest film, “The New Devil in Miss Jones,” adult film star Savanna Samson earned the unwavering admiration of both the burgeoning porn industry and scheming men the world over. Samson’s latest foray into the ruthlessly competitive world of fine wine only further cements her charming and articulate role as a revered icon. A true auteur in her craft, her private label earns a near perfect rating. She’s also really, really good at having sex. Read on, it’ll put some hair on your chest.”

VIVID’S SIZEMORE DVD LIKELY TO BE A COLLECTOR’S ITEM -- Los Angeles actor Tom Sizemore was interviewed on Monday via satellite by: "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch " (CNBC at 10pm EST). The headline from the interview recounts a tearful confession from the 44-year-old actor. Tom admits to using methamphetamine last month but is currently seeking help for his drug problem. In the course of the interview Deutsch asked Sizemore about the adult film he shot that is now being distributed by Vivid as, “The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal.” He told Deutsch that he does not intend to shoot any more adult films, and thus the Vivid DVD is likely to be a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. It comprises over 70 minutes of uncut and uncensored video of Sizemore having inexhaustible sex with up to four young women at a time. As for his drug problem, Sizemore says he feels hopeful because, "Once you (acknowledge) it, there's a great relief, because now you started the first step in this horror show for mending."

LIL JON FEATURED IN FHM -- An article on page 76 in the current issue of FHM magazine is devoted to an interview with Lil Jon along with a photo of the famous hip-hop artist accompanied by pretty girls. In the interview he discusses making his first movie for Vivid -- “Lil Jon’s Vivid Vegas Party.” The feature in the March issue reads like a promotion for the Vivid release. The DVD will go on sale nationwide in explicit and non-explicit versions. Both renditions will be available on March 6th for purchase by mail order and at video stores. “Lil Jon’s Vivid Vegas Party” is the first of two movies he will do with Vivid Entertainment. In both films, the King of Crunk shows he can get down with XXX starlets. The FHM article also promotes his second Vivid release in a bright colored circle at the top right side of the article.

MONIQUE ALEXANDER HOSTS 2ND XXX COMEDY NIGHT -- Vivid Girl Monique Alexander co-hosted the live monthly XXX Comedy Night at the The Hollywood Improv on Thursday, Feb. 16th at 10 pm. The show presented by Vivid at the famous showcase for comedians also featured performances by popular comedians Zach Galifianakis (Comedians of Comedy), Steve Byrne (The Howard Stern Show), Louis Katz and KT Tatara, plus more to be announced. Said Monique before the show: “I love hanging out with comedians as I feel we have much in common. We are both risk takers because we bare all for the public.”

MOBILE STAYS HOT IN THE MEDIA -- Adult content on mobile phones and wireless devices continues to fascinate the media. The Denver Post ran a story entitled “Porn Dials Up a New Frontier,” which included a quote from Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. He said that once the adult industry has established on-deck footholds, mobile adult content in this country will truly take off. He predicted that “within the next year, tame adult content, like scenes of topless women will debut with carriers' cooperation.” The Chicago Tribune ran a story on the growth of adult content on wireless devices that also quoted Steven Hirsch. The article, which was picked up by other newspapers, recites Hirsch as saying, “There is a lot of business to be done,” adding that Vivid “plans to launch a new mobile product later this year that [Hirsch] expects will sell particularly well. ‘VividNow’ will offer live sex chats with porn stars; have their images beamed onto a phone's video screen.” The rollout for this and other adult services is awaiting proper age verification processes.