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Vivid Studio Insider for February 10, 2006

Vivid Studio Insider for February 10, 2006

VIVID/CLUBJENNA BOWL IN DETROIT IS A BIG HIT -- The Vivid/ClubJenna Bowl in Detroit kicked off the headline parties for the “Big Game” weekend in Detroit. Vivid Girls Savanna Samson, Briana Banks, Sunny Leone, Stefani Morgan, Monique Alexander and the Love Twins Lacey and Lyndsey were among the big draws at the party along with celebrities who came to mingle with them and Jenna Jameson. The girls brought the standing-room only crowd to a roar as they modeled Coquette lingerie in the stage of The Zoo Bar in downtown Detroit on Friday night. Celebrities and other VIP guests left the party with a goody bag stuffed with Vivid DVDs, tee shirts, Vivid Condoms, Vivid Virility supplements, Vivid Playing Cards and other useful items.

IT’S GEORGE AND ANGELINA FOR SAVANNA -- Vivid Girl Savanna Samson lets us in on a little secret in her regular Men’s Fitness online column this month. She’s asked, “If you could convert a mainstream actor to porn, who would it be? Also which female actress would make the most natural porn star?” Savanna’s answer is short and to the point: “I would want to convert George Clooney to be my co-star in a porno; although I can't imagine him having a very big dick, but he is so gorgeous and dreamy and I just want to f*** him regardless of his size. Angelina Jolie would be the most natural porn star. Not only are those lips of hers to die for but, she seems very open minded and is totally into girls. Plus her sexuality just oozes from her pores. She just needs a little persuading. I will see what I can do!”

CHICAGO, OUR KINDA TOWN -- The Chicago Tribune published an extensive story last week by reporter Mike Hughlett on the adult industry’s entry into wireless. Much of the article’s focus was on Vivid Entertainment and co-chairman Steven Hirsch. The Tribune reported that Vivid “plans later this year to launch a new mobile product (Hirsch) expects will sell particularly well: VividNow, which offers live sex chats with porn stars, their images beamed onto a phone's video screen.” Noting that “the mobile adult video market is small now…but already, many major phone companies in Europe are selling sexual content” but it has been slower to catch on in the U.S. The Tribune reported, “The Internet has become a major distribution channel for California-based Vivid, which makes about 70 movies per year. Five years ago, 90 percent of Vivid's content was distributed through DVDs. Now, less than 40 percent travels that route, while 30 percent is sold online. Cable and satellite television is also a major distribution channel. Phones are a relatively small piece of business, but Vivid's Hirsch sees ‘tremendous growth’ in mobile. The economics are favorable: Vivid can tailor video for phones with little additional cost. Mobile video looks best when cameras are positioned specifically for the small screen; close-ups taken with a wide-angle lens reduce any claustrophobic effect, Hirsch said. So, after a full-length movie is shot, Vivid can keep its actors on the set and reposition its cameras to shoot a phone video. So far, Vivid has made three videos specifically for phones. It also offers mobile TV for phones, and monthly subscribers to Vivid's Web site can get downloads for the new video-enabled iPods. Then there are erotic mobile phone games. For example, Vivid's "EroTrix" games are sold in Germany, Greece and Portugal though Vodafone, a European wireless carrier based in London.”