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Vivid Studio Insider for December 16, 2005

Vivid Studio Insider for December 16, 2005

VIVID DOMINATES MSNBC “RITA COSBY” REPORT -- When MSNBC sent reporter Rita Cosby to Los Angeles for a report on the adult industry this week, her first and main stop was at Vivid Entertainment. Cosby’s hour-long program focused on Vivid, which the reporter called “the world’s largest adult film company,” with extensive interviews of Vivid Girls Stefani Morgan, Monique Alexander and Mercedez; Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch; director Chi Chi La Rue; and Vivid’s mobile partner, Ian Aaron of WAAT Media. In one hilarious moment, the camera panned on Stefani and her male co-star Randy Spears as they stopped to order luncheon sandwiches while were performing a scene (the camera stayed above the waist). The MSNBC cameras also went into Vivid’s offices and continually showed the Vivid website and other licensed products. When Cosby told Chi Chi that he had been described as the Steven Spielberg of porn, he accepted the compliment but replied, "I'd rather be the John Waters of porn…I think it's because I work really well with the actors and I have the utmost respect for my talent."

TERA AND EVAN DO “STUFF” -- Billed as the “San Fernando Valley Correspondent” by Stuff Magazine, Vivid Girl Tera Patrick’s husband Evan Seinfeld writes about her in the January issue of the magazine. In an article titled “I Married A Porn Star, Sucka!” Seinfeld s says that because he tours with his band Biohazard and “I make movies with my XXX porn megastar hottie wife, Tera Patrick, people have the misconception that every day of my life is a swinger’s party.” He says on the contrary, his marriage is “pretty normal” and they take everything in stride – even when he gets “the Call.” That’s when Tera is out on her own and is suddenly mobbed by fans. She phones him to come help out. Seinfeld says it happened recently in a Victoria’s Secret store.

SIZEMORE RADIO PROMOS POPULAR -- Vivid was on the air throughout the country with week long radio station promotions featuring the “Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal” DVD. Over a dozen stations participated in the promotion, which could be heard in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York and Ohio. Lucky listeners received a copy of the DVD.