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Vivid Studio Insider for December2, 2005

Vivid Studio Insider for December2, 2005

VIVID AND TERA SIGN A NEW SEVEN-YEAR DEAL -- Tera Patrick and her company TeraVision have signed a new seven-year contract with Vivid Entertainment Group. The new agreement gives Vivid exclusive distribution rights in North America to all movies produced by TeraVision, including films starring Tera and any actresses signed to exclusive contracts by TeraVision. Said Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch: “Tera has met and surpassed every expectation we had for her. Her films Tera, Tera, Tera, Reign of Tera and Collision Course are all top sellers. We are also very impressed with what she and her husband, Evan Seinfeld, have accomplished as entrepreneurs in such a short time and we’re excited to be their distribution partners as they grow.” Tera said she is ecstatic to have Vivid as a sister to TeraVision. “As a woman executive in this business, it’s a glamorous honor to be a ‘Vivid Girl for Life.’ Our track record in the first two years together of having three number one movies is an indication of how well our companies work together. Vivid has always set the standard for high-quality, award-winning movies and top-selling contract girls. Now, as long term members of the Vivid family, we are looking forward to seeing TeraVision and our own contract stars reach a new level in erotic entertainment.”

MAJOR FORBES MAGAZINE ARTICLE FOCUSES ON VIVID -- ” An article on Vivid Entertainment appears in the December 12th issue of Forbes Magazine. Since the issue is also the Forbes Investment Guide for 2006, it will remain on newsstands through February, rather than the normal two-weeks. The article opens with a two-page spread that includes a photo of Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch standing in front of a movie set. Hirsch is quoted throughout by reporter Seth Lubove. Asked about signs that the U.S. government is stepping up its battle against pornography, Hirsch is quoted as saying “there's been an explosion of technology and delivery platforms, so there's a disconnect with the morality police. Ultimately I believe juries understand people have the right to watch what they want to watch." Lubove recites the history of Vivid and notes that the company “makes some 60 films a year and releases 30 compilation discs a month…licenses the Vivid name for a vodka line, videogames, a Las Vegas night club, virility-enhancement concoctions, X-rated comic books and even a set of custom car wheels. He flirts with the idea of taking the company public in a few years….’This is a business, and we treat it like a business,’ says Hirsch, 44, whose obsessively neat office sits across the 101 freeway from General Electric's Universal Studios and displays a wall of plasma screens tuned to financial news, sports and dozens of security-camera feeds. His partner, William Asher, who holds diplomas from Dartmouth and the University of Southern California, says Vivid could reap riches on new outlets such as cell phones and iPods

SUNNY IN THE MEDIA SPOTLIGHT -- Week-long promotions for the first Sunny Leone feature – “Sunny” – are ongoing. In the past week Vivid Girl Sunny has been featured in radio promotions in multiple markets ranging from California to New Hampshire, and lots of states in between. She’s also been interviewed by radio reporters and talk show hosts in California, Georgia, Connecticut and other markets.

VIVID FEATURES IN HOWARD STERN’S SWITCH -- The media is all aflutter with news about Howard Stern’s imminent departure from broadcast radio to a much-promoted gig with Sirius Radio. And, since Vivid Girls have been such frequent quests on the Stern show it’s not surprising that they are mentioned in many of the stories. A recent example is an article in The New York Daily News about On Demand TV featuring uncensored footage from The Howard Stern Show. The story, which was picked up by other papers such as the Philadelphia Daily News and numerous Websites mentioned both Jenna Jameson and Savanna Samson.